Finding love can seem almost impossible at times, especially after a painful breakup. The reality is that it is completely possible, indeed natural, to find love again, for anyone, provided they have the right mindset.

Romantic relationships come and go, often leaving ex-partners with mental health issues, especially if they descended into a toxic relationship with their ex. Even when things are perceived as having been totally normal prior to a breakup, the wrecking of the heart and mind, analyzing why things fell apart, while considering if anything different could have been done, is enough to make most people question their ability to both love and be loved.

While self reflection can yield some answers, it rarely yields a completely helpful picture, which would bring helpful tips on what to do differently for future relationships.

One simple fact is that sometimes a breakup is exactly the right thing for both partners, as through separating they becoming able to each find their truly ideal life partner, one who will share that deep sense of true love with them, and with whom they can build a healthy loving relationship.

While things may seem bleak after a failed relationship, it is completely possible to fall in love again, and also be truly loved. When you follow the right advice, especially when you use quality professional help to move on from a past relationship, you change possible into certainty.

Finding Love Again And Building A Healthy Relationship For Life Is Possible At Any Stage In Life

Will I Ever Find Love Again?

Spend Time Healing Before You Get Into A New Relationship

Yes, with the right mindset you absolutely will find love again, what’s more, it will be with the right life partner, who will feel the same way about you.

For most people, the biggest issue with finding love again after a failed relationship is one of self love, when they overcome that it becomes easy to find, and be in, a genuinely loving relationship. Mindset is far more crucial for relationship success than most realize, something that a good relationship coach, and other types of coaches will confirm.

Love is rarely a one off thing. The only time love is a one time thing, is when people close off after that relationship has ended, blocking off any chance for love to come back into their life on a romantic level.

Most People Love More Than One Person In Their Life Time

Most people fall in love more than once in their life, and there is sound reason for this.

You mindset functions on a set of values and beliefs, with values being the core for everything you do. There are different sets of values and beliefs for everything you do, work, travel, food, relationships, everything. Those values and beliefs are all subject to change.

As people grow, mature, and experience different events, challenges and successes, transitions occur, and thinking is adapted. Potentially mindset changes can be small, almost trivial, on a daily basis. Mindset changes can also be major, and completely life changing too, causing even family members and friends to wonder what happened and consider how much you have changed.

This then brings situations where someone you were once attracted to, ceases to be attractive.

While someone you never had much, if any thought for, previously, suddenly fulfills your every checkpoint for a perfect partner.

As a result, a great many people do fall in love multiple times as they navigate through life.

Holding Onto A Past Relationship Holds You Back

Holding on to past relationships holds you back, full stop.

Unless you completely let go of the past, healing any hurts, and freeing yourself to focus completely on a new partner, then you stay in a stuck situation.

It is relatively common for people to keep their love alive for someone after painful break ups. Hoping that they will reunite some time later, and continue on. While it can happen, it’s extremely rare. What usually happens is that people keep their love alive for years, in hope of reuniting, all while blocking off better prospects for true love and harmony.

When you feel sad, you attract more sadness. When you feel hurt, you attract more hurt. Many people understand the law of attraction in terms of gaining positive results, that same law also brings challenges when the mind focuses on challenges and pain.

After a break up, the best thing you can do is let go of every past relationship. Cleaning the slate so that you are free and clear to love someone you are more compatible with.

Professional help can be extremely helpful with this, with personal development also being wise.

Getting Over Past Relationships Or A Bad Break Up

Very few people know how to achieve the emotional release and mindset change needed to successfully move on from past relationships or bad break ups.

Time Is Never The Greatest Healer

Many consider time to be the greatest healer, it is not.

All time brings is opportunities for changes in thinking.

Most choose to try and forget, though do so mostly unsuccessfully. putting things aside, and burying them, hoping they will never cause issues, or affecting their mental health again.

Having worked with people who have been on the verge of nervous breakdown, or in the middle of nervous breakdown, it becomes very obvious how people bury things, and do their best to forget.

When dealing with a previous relationship, so you can move on properly, processing all the emotions, especially unresolved emotions, then letting go of any limiting decisions that came up, is essential. Time on its own never does this. An active approach through coaching or therapy, including online therapy and coaching, is needed so that processing can be done efficiently.

As a note, a lifetime’s worth of challenges and emotions can be processed in around 8 hours or less, when the right approach is used. So again, time is never the greatest healer. Coaching and therapy greatly accelerate healing, while also making it more effective. Especially where mindset coaching using high level neuro linguistic programming skills is concerned.

So, before ploughing into dating apps or other approaches, including matchmaking, deal with your past so that future relationships can be healthy ones.

Will I Ever Find True Love Again?

To Find Love Again Build Self Love And Get In The Right Dating Pool

Provided you are open to it, truly open, have dealt with your past effectively, and have your mindset properly set up for having success in your life, then yes, you will find true love again.

Mindset is the single function that sits between finding or not finding true love.

From marriage agency experience, we have seen people from the humblest of circumstances find love. While those in more affluent positions have struggled. All because of their mindset.

Your dating mindset has a large part to play in this, as does your flexibility.

Relationships are about balance and harmony. It’s great when you and your partner are perfect matches. Yet even when that happens, there can be challenges. If you’re both employed, rather than working for yourself, then getting time off together, at the same time, can be a challenge needing both of your attention.

While life can be very smooth, there are times when there are bumps in the road that you need to overcome together. That, along with finding your perfect partner, requires having your mindset optimized for those results you desire. Get that right, and love will definitely flow to you again.

When love does come, be in an empowered position so you can enjoy it properly, building it together with your partner so that it does last.

Learn to communicate effectively, techniques including neuro linguistic programming can help improve communication in relationships. Making it easier to share true feelings with a high degree of self confidence in being properly understood, by your other half.

Communication is one of the biggest challenges to maintaining a healthy relationship, some some of the best advice and most helpful tips for anyone wanting to find love, aside from getting your mindset sorted, is learning to communicate effectively. Do those things, and finding love becomes relatively easy.

I Want To Find Love Again

Provided you have dealt with your past properly, through coaching or therapy, overcome self love and self esteem issues, and built up healthy levels of self confidence, then yes, you will find love again.

If you have yet to deal with those things, then challenges will become repetitive.

Dealing With Low Self Esteem And Self Love Issues Is Crucial To Finding Love

Self esteem and self love are tied very tightly with values, beliefs and mindset overall.

While someone has concerns about being lovable, or unlovable, they will attract problematic, often abusive or toxic relationships. It is impossible to find love within a toxic relationship, and abusive relationships are outright harmful on all levels.

Only when people have healthy levels of self love and self esteem, can they attract and enjoy a truly healthy relationship.

Personal development, especially meditation, can be very good for dealing with causes of esteem issues blocking your ability to be loved. Meditation brings incredible levels of self awareness, and improves ability to enjoy life as well, through shifting mindset into a healthier way of being. Getting good with meditation takes a lot of practice though, for many people it can take years. Learning to calm your mind, and stay focused is the opposite of how many people have lived their lives for years. Doing just 15 minutes of meditation brings very gradual results, with the best results, insights and changes coming when people have learned to meditate effectively for 30 minutes, 1 hour, or more.

So again, this brings us back to needing a more active approach so that you can get the results you want sooner, i.e. getting professional help with therapy or coaching.

Overcoming a broken heart, plus all the other negative thoughts and feelings which contribute to self love and esteem issues, is much easier with the right coach or therapist helping you. As a note, online therapy and coaching, through organizations such as Online Coaching Coach, mean that you can retain high levels of privacy and escape the need for being seen going to a coaching practice or therapist’s office. As such, making the whole process easier for you.

When Will I Find Love Again?

Use Good Coaching Or Therapy To Deal With A Past Relationship Properly

How long it takes to find love depends on certain factors:

  • Your mindset
  • Your level of esteem
  • Your dating pool

Unless your mindset is right, you will never notice the right people, or be truly open to good potential partners.

Unless your level of esteem is healthy, you will never manage to attract a good partner.

Without being in the right dating pool, you will never meet the prospective partners that you would actually be open to loving and being loved by.

Coaching and therapy, plus a healthy amount of personal development will help you overcome the first two issues. Getting everything on a psychological level in shape for being able to attract and enjoy a healthy relationship.

To get in the right dating pool there are various options. Use of dating apps is rarely advisable, for anyone seeking real love and a committed, healthy relationship. There is a diversity of professional help available, plus relocating, and going to new places can help. Much of this is covered in the section on how to find love again.

Being stable is a big part of finding love. Financial stability is important, you don’t need to have your own business, or be a super high earner, just be stable so that love can flourish. Stress is a big block to finding love and building a healthy relationship.

How To Find Love Again

The best advice for anyone wanting to find love, is to clean up your mindset, engage in some quality self care, sort out your esteem, then put yourself in the right dating pool.

Those who rush out and start dating without sorting themselves out, often end up in relationships where multiple red flags get raised, yet cling on to their new partner as they’re afraid of being unable to find happiness again.

People magnetize partners to themselves, those who have found love have done so because various important factors were all checked off, and even if only on a unconscious level, their partner understood this. It is what made the relationship flow with ease, and for happiness and harmony to be established.

So before you start dating, get your mindset sorted out.

Developing The Mindset Which Makes A Healthy New Relationship Easy

There are multiple ways to orientate your mindset so that you can find the right partner, and establish a good healthy relationship full of love.

The best place to start is with cleaning out past experience and learning. Take yourself back to being a clean slate, addressing issues with core values and limiting beliefs, such as being scared of falling in love, which have been holding you back. This can take time, as the majority of people cope with difficulty by trying to forget about it after it has seemingly passed. Often friends and family members will say things about just needing time to forget about things, though while things may slip from your conscious mind, the unconscious mind never forgets. It might block things which are painful, and repress things which were traumatic, those things are still there though. Along with their effects.

Unless you have actually dealt with old emotions, along with values and limiting beliefs that brought about previous results, then you will end up with the same results again. Just with a different person by your side.

While loved ones often have your best interests at heart, and want you to be happy, unless they have good coaching experience, or are a qualified psychologist, their advice may well be far from good.

How To Develop Your Mindset To Find Love

If you have been practicing meditation for a long period of time, and become good with mindfulness, then you can begin exploring memories of each old partner, picking up the learning which brings personal development. Relationships fall apart for different reasons, and often there are patterns with break ups. Understanding those patterns, digging into the causes, so that you can bring about different results in the future, is important.

Esteem is often at the core of these things, along with unresolved emotion.

Dealing with these things, taking yourself to the point of knowing your are worthy of love, where you feel confident in yourself, and your ability to be happy, both with someone and on your own, is important.

You can ask your best friend, or a family member, for help with this, for insight and reflection. Just know that you will be receiving that information through the lens of their perceptions, based on their values and beliefs. Unless they can be completely detached, and have solid experience of coaching and psychology.

Mental health can be a challenging thing to navigate, unless you have a very high degree of self awareness. Hence why a good degree of experience with meditation is needed if you’re planning on sorting out your own mindset. Cleaning up emotions and thought patterns from your past can take a long time, especially as some stuff gets bottled up and hidden, with things you stopped being aware of years ago still having an effect, even if you’re currently unaware of it.

Getting professional help is wise for that very reason.

The right coach, or psychologist, will guide you through things, picking up on subtle language patterns and points of behavior that you are likely unaware of. Giving you the best opportunity for deep change, for that release which will facilitate those results that you truly desire.

Crying has long been viewed as a valuable form of release, often with a self soothing component, emotion-focused coping, to is which has been referred to in scientific studies. Emotional crying, in comparison to crying due to cutting onions or pain, also results in release of oxytocin (OT) while altering functionality of the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). Crying is often described as cathartic, and thus having a therapeutic role. Yet much of this is likely to be an emotional valve, where the oxytocin released shifts to mood in such a way as to alleviate stress from emotional hurt and pain. Crying however does little to shift mentality, with the perceived sense of release often being more cosmetic in terms of its value.

To achieve proper release from past relationships, learning and experiences, those things have to be explored and intervened with on a psychological level.

This requires a lot of discipline, plus detachment, so that everything is unearthed, then dealt with effectively. Much of psychology depends on talking through things, with new viewpoints being taken that create shifts in thinking that facilitate release, a process that can take years for some

Time-Line Therapy (TLT) offers a chance for rapid release, with anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt all being able to be released, for an entire lifetime, over the space of an hour for the majority of people. Time-Line Therapy also enables limiting decisions to be dealt with in under an hour, often in minutes, for many. Provided a skilled coach with good experience is involved.

Once those things have been dealt with, creating an empowered mindset, with positive focus on what you actually want from a new relationship, rather than what you don’t want, can be done relatively quickly.

Positive focus can also be reinforced on a regular basis through techniques such as visualization meditation. Giving you opportunity to increase your ability to magnetize your desired result by holding focus on that outcome more effectively. The more you dwell on something, the more likely that thing is to come into being, positive or negative. So when you keep a an ideal relationship in mind, you increase your chances of actually achieving it, especially when you have cleaned out everything in your mindset that was holding you back.

From there, it is about getting yourself into the right dating pool.

Online Dating Vs. Professional Matchmaking

When you have been experiencing challenge finding love and meeting your perfect partner, then new approaches to partner searching and dating are extremely wise.

There are multiple ways is which you can find the right partner. Chance meetings, at a bar or cafe, through matchmaking, plus so much more. Once your mindset has been cleaned up and orientated towards success properly, these various routes into future relationships all become more effective. There are some which facilitate better results, faster than others though.

Online dating can be very worthwhile, depending on what you’re looking for, and where you live.

As an example, in countries such as Japan where meeting new people is challenging, going to a marriage agency is what unmarried people do when seeking a marriage partner. Likewise, for anyone outside of Japan who wants a Japanese husband or wife, due to cultural values and other preferences, going to a Japanese marriage agency, is going to make things easier.

Dating apps are rarely helpful for anyone seeking love. They generally lack people who are serious about committed relationships.

To find love you have to meet people who are orientated to that.

When you are seeking marriage, or a life partner, you need to be among a group that mirrors that desire. Professional matchmaking can be very good for that reason. Clients of professional matchmakers are usually very focused on finding love with someone who will commit to them long term, and work through challenges building their relationship stronger and stronger over time.

Online dating can still be good, while you’re getting to know each other, especially for international couples and those who have met through international matchmakers due to their partner preferences. Dating apps and free dating sites are more likely to bring the wrong people than the right ones though.

When you know what you want, get selective, and take action which supports the achievement of the result you desire.

You Will Find Love Again

Talk Openly And Share Your Real Feelings When You Find Love Again

From having worked with many different coaching clients, plus clients through running a marriage agency, I know for sure that anyone can find the right person for marriage once their mindset is healthy, and they are truly ready for love.

Best Advice And Most Helpful Tips For Anyone Wanting To Find Love Again:

  • Clean up and orientate your mindset for relationship success
  • Build healthy self confidence and esteem
  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Get into the right dating pool so you meet the right partner
  • Share your feelings truthfully with your partner

Marriage Matching has helped a lot of people find their ideal partner over the years. From the various success stories that have come through our matchmaking and introduction services, we know that anyone can find love even after bad experience with past relationships.

As soon as clients realize how their mindset really does matter, and they get it properly aligned, they begin meeting new people, start dating, and progress relatively quickly to finding love with the right partner.

So, when you get your mindset oriented for relationship success, and take action to meet the right people, you will find love again, plus you will do so with relative ease.

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