MarriageMatching.Love Terms Of Service

The following are the terms of service for the MarriageMatching.Love website.

All service users accept the following terms of service in full by using the Marriage Matching service.

1) Guarantees

Marriage Matching endeavors to help all clients to find their ideal marriage partner. Marriage Matching is held in no way responsible for the actions of those within relationships, prior, during or post initiation of a relationship, whether that relationship be purely platonic, romantic or anything else.

Marriage Matching works purely with the data supplied by those who have stated they are seeking a marriage partner, and is held in no way responsible for issues arising due to information which was ineffectively communicated, hidden, or misrepresented in anyway.

MarriageMatching.Love while endeavouring to help people, notably its clients, find a life long marriage partner with whom they can enjoy a long happy marriage, is unable to guarantee any such relationship, or approximations thereof, and all clients and service users accept this fully and without exception through their acknowledgement that both people and circumstances change, thus causing relationships to alter too.

2) Respectful Behavior (Character)

All contact, dating, meetings and other activities connected with MarriageMatching.Love, its personnel, and clients, is to be carried out in a manner of total respect, faith and good will, at all times.

Abusive behavior, threats, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature, manipulation, or anything which is malicious in nature, or done in order that a client may receive fulfillment of their desires in a manner which causes detriment to others, will be considered a breach of service.

The MarriageMatching.Love service is being provided to help clients create a mutually fulfilling and happy marriage. All behavior, at all times, is to be conducted in a caring and considerate manner to all.

3) Warnings

Marriage Matching conducts business with the goal of helping people find their ideal marriage partner and create a long happy marriage. As such good behavior in line with creating and living a happy life, for self and others, is expected at all times. Should service user behavior cease to be acceptable then warnings will be issued to infringing service users.

Clients will be issued with a maximum of three warnings.

The first warning may either be verbally, in writing, or electronic.

The second warning will be in writing or electronic.

The third and final warning will be in writing and electronic.

Accordingly, all service users agree to keep their contact information, including but not limited to physical addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers up-to-date with MarriageMatching.Love at all times.

Warnings will cite the reason for the warning, and polite suggestions for rectification so as to prevent further occasions or issues from arising.

After three warnings, if abuse of the service continues then the users access to and membership of the service will be immediately terminated and the user will forfeit any outstanding amounts paid on their subscription. Depending on the severity of the user’s infringement legal action may be taken, and/or damages due in redress.

4) Relationships

i) The MarriageMatching.Love service is exclusively for those who are unmarried. Be they previously unmarried, widowed or divorced, and also outside of any serious or casual relationships of a romantic or intimate nature.

ii) Service users are permitted to have contact with numerous potential partners during stages of assessment in order to decide whether they wish to date a particular person.

iii) Service users are only permitted to date one person at any time. Once they have selected a potential partner to date, they may only date that person unless they end the relationship formally. Following which they may not maintain any level of intimate relationship with that person.

iv) Physical relations and nudity are only permitted once the couple have become married. Couples engaging in physical relations, staying overnight with each other, spending time with each other in a state of undress, exchanging images or video with each other in a state of undress, are deemed to have entered a state akin to marriage regardless of whether a marriage ceremony has been performed.

Note that while on dates, kissing, and casual physical contact including holding hands and hugging, are permitted providing both parties are agreeable.

v) Service users may maintain a single serious relationship for a maximum of 3 months before having to decide whether they wish to marry or not. At the 3 month anniversary of the relationship commencing they must decide whether they wish to marry each other, or part ways and find a new partner.

vi) Changes in relationship status are to be communicated to MarriageMatching.Love personnel immediately, or as soon as humanly possible.

5) Membership and Fees

All fees and expenses are to be paid promptly, failure to do so will result in loss of service and potentially legal action.

Service users accept the fee structure in full when engaging the services of MarriageMatching.Love and honor them in their entirety.

6) Service Requirements

All service users must:
i)be in gainful employment
ii)have their own home address
iii)have their own phone
iv)have their own email address which they check regularly

All clients agree to submit relevant legal documentation that clearly states information required for eligible use of the Marriage Matching service. This may include though is not limited to copies of passport, drivers licence, income statements, wage slips.

All personal information supplied will be subject to use in line with the Marriage Matching privacy policy.

7) Termination of Service, Fees & Penalties

In case of users wishing to terminate their subscription to the Marriage Matching service, they are to give one month’s written by way of sending a fully completed service resignation form to their appointed Marriage Matching counsellor.

In such cases where service users terminate their use of the Marriage Matching service, prepaid subscription fees less the notice period amount will be refunded.

Registration and joining fees, along with all other fees are to be made in advance, service will only be made available to those who have their payments up to date. As such any users missing payments will have their service access removed and a bar placed on their ability to date other users of the service.

In line with item 3 Warnings, users infringing and breaching the service will be subject to different terms regarding refunds and penalties as outlined in item 3.

Where service fees are due for those getting married or engaged, said fees remain due in such cases as when users terminate their use of the service and then marry or engage with each other, or other service users, at any time after leaving the service for any reason. Including but not limited to, those who only wish to continue dating after a period of knowing each other, so leave the service, then marry or engage a period of months or years later.

In addition, service users who breach item 4 section iv place themselves in a defacto state of marriage with the person they are dating, and thus marriage and engagement fees become immediately due to Marriage Matching.

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