Marriage Matching Osaka Marriage Agency Office

The Marriage Matching Osaka marriage agency office is located in Shin-Osaka, very close to JR Shin-Osaka and the Shinkansen station here in Osaka. Also, Shin-Osaka Metro station, Midosuji line, is very close by as well. With Hankyu Minamikata station being around 8 minutes walk from the south.

Our marriage agency office in Shin-Osaka is thus very conveniently located for anyone living within the Osaka city, and Osaka prefecture area. Our Marriage Matching office location also make it very convenient for clients with the whole Kansai area, and those on the Shinkansen route.

Marriage Matching Osaka Address:
Marriage Matching
Hankyu Shin Osaka Building 3F
1-1-1 Miyahara
Osaka 532-0003

Tel: +81-6-7668-8431

Marriage Matching Marriage Matching Marriage Matching Marriage Agency Osaka Osaka 5320003 Yodogawa-ku, Miyahara 1-1-1, Hankyu Shin Osaka Building 3F Marriage Matching Marriage Agency Omiai Marriage Partner Introduction Services We-Mo 10:00-18:00 $$$ +81-6-7668-8431 9609 34.73 135.50 Stephen Frost Miyo Frost
Our marriage agency works Wednesday to Monday from 10:00 until 18:00 Japan time each week, and is closed on Tuesdays.

Marriage Matching Appointments And Consultations At Our Osaka Marriage Agency Office

All appointments and consultations at Marriage Matching must be pre-booked. As such, you will need to either contact us by telephone, or book your Marriage Matching Consultation online, prior to meeting with us. Whilst we do occasionally have last minute availability, we are usually fully booked with marriage matching consultations.

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Marriage Agency Japan
Marriage Matching does do face-to-face meetings in Osaka. With clients either coming to Shin-Osaka for their marriage matching consultations, or staff traveling to other locations within Osaka, including Umeda, for consultations. In Osaka, in person marriage matching consultations are usually around 60 minutes.

For overseas clients of Marriage Matching, along with clients in other parts of Japan, Marriage Matching uses Zoom Cloud Meetings as a platform for video calls, thus online consultations for our Omiai matching services. Online marriage matching consultations with our Osaka marriage agency office staff are usually around 45 minutes.

Having focused time of around one hour helps us build up strong marriage matching profiles, because we get to know people in greater depth. As we do manual marriage matching, rather than computer algorithm based matching, this time getting to know people is very important to us. Thankfully we’re able to do it in-person or via video call with our marriage agency clients.

Marriage Matching Osaka

Are you ready for Osaka marriage agency Marriage Matching to help you find a marriage partner?

Marriage Matching Marriage Agency Staff

Marriage Matching was founded by Stephen and Miyo Frost, who both work from the Osaka office in Shin-Osaka.
Marriage Matching Osaka Marriage Agency Stephen
Stephen Frost moved to Osaka, Japan in June of 2010. He is a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Time-Line Therapy® and has been helping people achieve their dreams and goals for over 20 years through his coaching and therapy work. He is also a skilled digital marketer, with involvement in online marketing dating back to 2009. Stephen’s experience has him in charge of global marketing, and doing many of the marriage matching consultations, especially with non-Japanese clients.

Due to Stephen’s experience in coaching and personal development he often helps clients of Marriage Matching with relationship coaching and life coaching, in order to help them build stronger more fulfilling relationships, thus happier marriages.

Marriage Matching Osaka Marriage Agency Miyo
Miyo Frost was born in Japan and studied English in Australia for 1 year, before later living in the United States of America for 8 years. During her time in other work she has done such things as run language schools, plus area sales management for Hankyu in the U.S.

Miyo has a passion for bringing people together and matchmaking. She spends a great deal of her time manually matching couples together based on the client profiles built up during consultations and interviews.

Why We Do What We Do As A Marriage Agency At Marriage Matching

Everything we do is about creating love, happiness and fulfillment. We believe that through marriage everyone can achieve greater fulfillment through growing and nurturing love together, which yields greater happiness for all. Through providing marriage matching services using Japanese Omiai principles we help people connect with that special life partner who they might otherwise never have met. As such we provide a link to achieving the greatest fulfillment in life that people can wish for, a happy marriage built on love.

Marriage Matching Providing Worldwide Coverage For Marriage Introductions From Osaka Japan

Love transcends distance. While many of our clients are located within Japan, notably Osaka and the Kansai area, we are helping increasing numbers of people world wide to find a marriage partner they can build a happy marriage with.

Many people find serious challenges in locating a loving marriage partner near them. Through opening up and searching further away. Allowing yourself to find a marriage partner overseas. Finding that ideal match becomes far easier.

While searching for an international marriage partner would have been challenging before. Use of high speed communications, social media and video calling software has made international marriage introductions very easy, thanks to our special systems and setup at Marriage Matching. Even on a local level within Japan, and Osaka too, use of modern technology, online apps and the internet, has made marriage matching much easier for us.
Happy Marriage Wedding Day
Pairing online working with well proven Omiai processes for marriage matching has enabled us to help many couples come together for happy marriage, who otherwise would never have met. This is something which makes us very happy. Helping people find love and happiness is our primary purpose at Marriage Matching.

Discover more about what a Japanese marriage agency does.

Osaka Population, Dating And Marriage Statistics Of Marriage Agency Importance

In 2020 the U.N. quoted population of Osaka was 19,165,340. With 10,600,000 Osaka residents being between the ages of 20 and 64. With the Statistics Bureau of Japan stating the mean age of first marriage was 31.1 for grooms and 29.4 for brides across Japan in 2018.

Japan wide according to Statista approximately 586,480 new marriages were registered in Japan in 2018. Of which 17,320 marriages were in Osaka city, with the most popular month for marriage being November followed by March. In Japanese marriage agency services were responsible for approximately 7% of marriages in 2018, meaning that around 1,212 marriages in Osaka came from marriage agency involvement.

Marriage Matching Marriage Agency Osaka Japan Ready To Help You Build A Happy Marriage

Whether you’re in Osaka, Japan, or elsewhere overseas. Whether you’re seeking a Japanese marriage partner, or just someone kind, loving, stable, ready to make that step into building a happy marriage with you. Marriage Matching is ready to help you. We welcome those coming to meet us in-person here in Osaka, as well as those meeting us online. As a marriage agency, Marriage Matching is dedicated to helping you achieve fulfillment through love, within a blissfully happy marriage.

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