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Along with the various other services and duties that we carry out in assisting our members to find a marriage partner through the Marriage Matching marriage agency.

Please remember, for many people gaining help from a marriage agency to find their partner is a very personal experience, so few feel inclined to share about their experience, even with a degree of anonymity. As such, we have huge gratitude to those former members, and success stories, who are willing to share about their experience with us publicly, thank you.

Marriage Matching Marriage Agency Review BJW Ohio USA

Brandon J Williams

Ohio, U.S.A.

Rating 5/5

My time with Marriage Matching has been a memorable experience. The staff was very friendly and helped guide me through the Marriage Matching process. Being from the U.S, it was daunting interacting with women from Japan. That said, my counselor eased my concerns. I met a woman in Japan who was kind, beautiful, and fun to be with. She and I are planning to get married, and I will forever be grateful to the agency for their aid in helping me find her. If anyone is looking for a service to help find love in Japan, then Marriage Matching is the agency for you.
Marriage Matching Marriage Agency Review BJW Ohio USA With Partner
Marriage Matching Marriage Agency Review BJW Ohio USA With Partner
Andrejs Repins Latvia Marriage Agency Matchmaking Review

Andrejs Repins


Rating 5/5

It is the best way to find your partner. As I and my true love found each other there and we both are very happy now.
Andrejs Repins Latvia With Japanese Wife Marriage Agency Matchmaking Review
Andrejs Repins Latvia With Partner Marriage Agency Matchmaking Review
Andrejs Repins Latvia With Japanese Wife Marriage Matching Agency Review
Marriage Matching Marriage Agency Review BC London UK

B. Casserley

London, UK

Rating 5/5

I came across Marriage Matching without knowing what to expect. From the first email I was warmly welcomed aboard and had a very nice welcome meeting with Miyo. From here I had a lot of support / guidance with the documents I needed. Once on the agencies books I was giving help with how to use the marriage matching app. I am actually getting married to a lady who was recommended / matched to me through the site. I can’t speak highly enough about Marriage Matching and will always keep them close to my heart.

Marriage Matching Marriage Agency Review TC Maine USA



Rating 5/5

Basically I stumbled into this from doing google searches. But what I found was amazing. Here is this large group of people who are all here for the common purpose of marriage. And all the participants are carefully screened and vetted. I met lots of women here and it was lots of work but the end result is that I am in a relationship with a partner who is perfect for me. I expect that we will be married within 6 months. For a variety of reasons the online world of dating was not working for me. This is an entirely different approach. Your coach or your agent is totally there for you willing to text, call or zoom whenever the need arises. They are very positive and supportive and encouraging. I am very happy to highly recommend Marriage Matching.



Rating 5/5

I used marriage matchmaking services to find my fiancée. Miyo and Stephen gave me good advices and helped me starting with the Omiai website. During my subscription time all the process went smoothly. I met some nice ladies and within a few months I found the one that will be my wife.

Thank you Miyo and Stephen for your services.

Mo Li

New York

Rating 5/5

With the effort of marriage matching, I am so happy that I found my soulmate for my life. I can comfortably say that I have never had this kind of experience in finding a marriage partner prior to this experience. It is a miracle. Thank you Miyo and Stephen for your guidance, advice, and effort.


Osaka, Japan

Rating 4/5

After the Introduction meeting. We started dating online, so I was worried about how much I would be able to understand my partner’s personality, but I felt closer than I imagined , so long distance dating wasn’t an issue. Miyo was always kind to me. Once I was at least confident about cultural differences, Miyo immediately followed up with me, and consulted about my issue. which was really helpful. I am grateful to meet such a wonderful partner.

Tyler B.

Liverpool, NY

Rating 5/5

Stephen and Miyo are excellent advisors who worked hard to help me find my fiancee, Yuka. They were very helpful with explaining how the process will work, getting my necessary paperwork in order, and setting up my omiai meetings. They were also able to provide insightful advice that ultimately helped me to find comfort, happiness, and love with my soon-to-be wife, Yuka. I greatly appreciate all of their help and efforts.



Rating 4/5

I found my partner through Marriage Matching, we recently got married, and things are looking great so far!

The system is pretty convenient: I sent “applications” to women I was interested in meeting (and occasionally received some from women, including my now-wife, who were interested in meeting me), and if the interest was mutual, we would meet, usually over tea at a hotel lounge. From there, we would choose whether or not to continue seeing each other.

I think I met an average of around 3 new women per month this way. Sometimes I would send a whole bunch of applications and get no replies; other times I would send what I thought was a modest number of applications and get so many replies that scheduling all the meetings was a challenge and I wasn’t able to properly consider everyone I met. The most introductions I had in a single month was 7. It seemed very random.

I had several misadventures meeting women with whom I got along well to the point where we were strongly considering (or, in 1 case, planning on) marriage, but for one reason or another things didn’t work out. This was the most frustrating part of the experience.

Eventually, after around 7 months and 20 introductions, I met my (now) wife, and somehow we knew pretty quickly we were right for each other. We married less than 2 months after meeting for the first time. We are looking forward to the adventures ahead of us!

I think there were 2 things that really helped me succeed in finding a partner: already living in Japan, and speaking decent conversational Japanese (I’m not yet fluent, though it would have been better if I was). I tried a few “online omiai”, but was never really able to get a good sense of any of the people I met this way; I greatly preferred the in-person meetings, despite the cost and transportation time. Most of the women I met did not speak much English (with 1 or 2 exceptions), so nearly all our interactions were in Japanese.

I can’t say whether or not it would have been impossible if these things hadn’t been true, but at the very least it would surely have been harder, and the pool of potential partners would have been much smaller.

Also, while the costs involved were admittedly high, I’m very happy to have met my wife, so I’d say it was definitely worth it!

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