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Japanese Marriage Agency Marriage Matching based in Osaka, Japan. At Marriage Matching we specialize in providing marriage introduction services and matchmaking for foreigners who wish to marry with Japanese people, and Japanese people who wish to marry foreigners.
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As a marriage agency we take our role in introducing people very seriously.

There are strict requirements for anyone wishing to use our Japanese Marriage Agency. These rules are so that all our clients have the best opportunity for finding a loving marriage partner possible.

Why Use A Japanese Marriage Agency To Find A Marriage Partner?

Many people go through life dating different people, and have various challenges in finding a marriage partner.

As a Japanese Marriage Agency using an Omiai system, how potential marriage partners are traditionally introduced in Japan, we help remove many challenges that couples usually face.

When introducing people marriage agencies ensure there is strong compatibility.

In every initial marriage matching consultation, we discuss what our clients are looking for in a wife or husband to be. Their desires for personality, age, height, education, and any other points they believe important for their marriage partner. This is how as a Japanese marriage agency we can help people find suitable marriage partners so much more easily.

Japanese Marriage Agency – FAQ

As a Japanese Marriage Agency, with specialist experience in international marriage in Japan, we do our best to keep this information as up to date as possible.

Japan has specific requirements for marriage, regardless of what rules exist in your home country, or religion. These are stipulated in articles 731 to 737 of the Japanese Civil Code:
Article Japanese Marriage Law
Article 731 A man who has attained 18 years of age, and a woman who has attained 16 years of age may enter into marriage.
Article 732 A person who has a spouse shall not enter into another marriage.
Article 733 (1) A woman may not remarry unless six months have passed since the day of dissolution or rescission of her previous marriage.
Article 733 (2) In the case where a woman has conceived a child before the cancellation or dissolution of her previous marriage, the provision of the preceding paragraph shall not apply from the day on which she gives birth.
Article 734 (1) Neither lineal relatives by blood nor collateral relatives by blood within the third degree of kinship may marry; provided that this shall not apply between an adopted child and his/her collateral relatives by blood through adoption.
Article 735 Lineal relatives by affinity may not marry. This shall also apply after the termination of a relationship by affinity pursuant to the provisions of Article 728 or Article 817-9.
Article 736 Even after the termination of a family relationship pursuant to the provision of Article 729, an adopted child or spouse of adopted child, or a lineal descendant or spouse of a lineal descendant, may not marry an adoptive parent or his/her lineal ascendant.
Article 737 (1) A minor shall obtain the consent of both parents to marry.
Article 737 (2) If one parent does not consent, the consent of the other parent is sufficient. This shall also apply if one parent is unknown, has died, or is unable to indicate his/her intent.
Whatever your nationality, you must comply with these legal requirements in order to marry in Japan. There may also be additional laws that you must comply with depending on your home country.

A Japanese Marriage Agency with specialist knowledge in international marriage, can really help you navigate these requirements with ease if you’re from overseas.

How To Marry A Japanese

How to marry a Japanese person? This can be complicated. Depending on whether you meet them in a bar, cafe, or using specialist Japanese Marriage Agency Omiai services.

Meeting a Japanese woman or man can be very challenging. Generally they’re quite reserved, unless you have mutual friends getting to know them is unlikely. Unless you’ve seen each other at the same activity club, class, or regular event, many times.

The easiest way to meet a Japanese person for marriage is using Japanese Marriage Agency services.

In using a Japanese Marriage Agency you have a trusted third party making introductions for you. Plus, because of how marriage agencies work in Japan, members are all verified as seriously seeking marriage. With each Japanese Marriage Agency will carefully checking statements made by members about themselves.

Rather than dating for many months, or years, then finding your partner has little interest in marriage. Use of Japanese Marriage Agency services means you know that you have mutual interests, those same desires for life and the future, plus importantly, they actually wish to get married.

So, how to marry a Japanese person the easy way?

Register with a Japanese Marriage Agency.

How Can I Meet A Japanese Woman? Or Man?

How can I meet a Japanese woman?” Or man? Relatively easily. Through the Marriage Matching introduction service we regularly introduce compatible men and women for marriage. Whether they’re living in Japan or overseas.

At first, our marriage agency clients get to know potential partners online.

With all initial contact going through us.

This ensures that those seeking marriage, are only communicating with those they’re compatible. If people are outside your indicated type, or preferences, we never put them in contact. That way, you’re only connecting with those you would be interested in marrying. Making use of Japanese Marriage Agency Omiai services very advantageous.

We talk you through various marriage agency members, helping you connect with those you’re interested in.

Making it very easy to meet a Japanese women, or man.

Marriage In Japan For Foreigners

Marriage in Japan for foreigners has become very common.

In terms of international marriage, Japan is very understanding. As of 2018 the population composition of Japan was 97.8% Japanese, with the other 2.2% being other nationalities.

One thing which is very important for foreigners in Japan who wish to marry with a Japanese partner, is proving they are unmarried first.

This is very important. In Japan bigamy (polygamy) is illegal, regardless of your religion.

So if you already have a wife, you are unable to marry again in Japan.

If you’re single, divorced or widowed, then providing you can prove it, which is usually via your embassy. Then you can marry in Japan. It’s worth checking what is legally required for marriage in Japan.

For many foreigners finding a Japanese wife, or finding a Japanese husband, to marry is challenging. Meeting people in Japan is challenging, as usual then working out whether the person you wish to marry has the same idea, is another challenge.

Japanese Marriage Agency Omiai Services

Using Japanese Marriage Agency Omiai services is how Japanese people have overcome such challenges, for hundreds of years.

Many foreigners are now using Japanese Marriage Agency Omiai services in order to overcome dating challenges, thus finding a marriage partner in Japan more easily. Largely because by using Japanese Marriage Agency Omiai services they know that those potential partners they’re introduced to, are seriously interested in marriage. Plus, from the outset they only get matched with potential partners who have been checked by the marriage agency, who they’re actually compatible with.

Japanese Marriage Agency Services Make Marriage In Japan Much Easier
Using Japanese Marriage Agency services means that those usual challenges of dating, become a thing of the past. With compatibility being checked up front, so that those seeking marriage only need focus on how it feels with their partner while dating.

Beyond this there are various cultural points where marriage agency advice can be hugely valuable, like when getting permission for marriage from Japanese parents. While Japan has progressed, many parents are still quite traditional. Checking that they are happy about your marriage is advised. In certain cases they may be unhappy about international marriage, however that is getting much rarer now. Many parents just wish their children become happily married. Often they are either aware, or have even suggested their children use Japanese Marriage Agency Omiai services in order to find a good marriage partner.

What Happens If You Marry A Japanese Citizen

What happens if you marry a Japanese citizen depends on your home country, and where you choose to live.

When choosing to live in Japan if you marry a Japanese citizen, then you will need to apply for the correct visa type. Currently the Spouse Visa. For which various documentation is required, again depending on your home country.

If you are choosing to live outside of Japan then you will need to check with your country’s immigration service regarding requirements. At times it can be as simple as proving the marriage with a certificate, at other times more proof is required.

We do our best within our role as a Japanese Marriage Agency, to help our clients work through the required papers.

Getting Married In Japan US Citizen

Getting married in Japan for a US citizen is relatively easy.

Naturally there are a few things different to getting married in the US, your marriage must adhere to Japanese law for a legal marriage. Also, when wishing to marry in Japan, under Japanese law all US citizens must first prepare a sworn Affidavit of Competency to Marry, affirming they are legally free to marry. For US citizens, this must come from the US embassy or a US consulate in Japan. It is a simple notarial service which requires an appointment.

This certification is required prior to marriage, regardless of whether you are using a Japanese Marriage Agency or not.

Naturally, such certification must also be translated into Japanese, though usually when the US embassy is issuing a sworn Affidavit of Competency to Marry there is a Japanese translation attached.

In addition, you will also need to show your birth certificate when getting married.

Japanese Marriage Agency Tip:

Please note, if you wish for any documentation to be returned to you when getting married, you will have to specify that to the officials involved. Otherwise they will keep all documents, this includes birth certificates.

When Using A Japanese Marriage Agency

For those wishing to use Japanese Marriage Agency services to find a marriage partner, that sworn Affidavit of Competency to Marry will be needed before registration so that you can prove you are unmarried, thus eligible to marry in Japan. Registering with a Japanese Marriage Agency will also require presentation of additional documentation as proof of who you are.

How To Get Married In Japan As American Citizen

To get married in Japan as American you will need the following documentation as a minimum:

  • A sworn Affidavit of Competency to Marry
  • Your original birth certificate
  • Passport, Japanese Drivers License, or Residents Card (Zairyo Card)
  • Certificate of Marriage Notification (婚姻届書)

Please note, these requirements can change at any time.

Getting Married In Japan UK Citizen

Getting married in Japan for UK citizens is fairly simple.

In addition to complying with all Japanese legal requirements for marriage, UK citizens must comply with UK laws too.

Proof of being unmarried is required prior to marriage, which for UK citizens comes in the form of an Affidavit/Affirmation of Marital Status which must be obtained in person at the British Embassy, and signed before a consular officer. It is then submitted along with the relevant birth certificate, to the local ward office where the marriage is occurring in Japan.

When Using A Japanese Marriage Agency

When using Japanese Marriage Agency services to help you find a Japanese marriage partner, your Affidavit/Affirmation of Marital Status will be needed prior to registration. Only once you have proven you are legally eligible for marriage in Japan will a marriage agency agree any introductions.

When using a Japanese Marriage Agency additional documents will also be required for full proof of who you are, along with statements your make about yourself.

How To Get Married In Japan As UK Citizen

To get married in Japan as UK citizen you will need the following documentation as a minimum:

  • Affidavit/Affirmation of Marital Status
  • Your original birth certificate
  • Passport, Japanese Drivers License, or Residents Card (Zairyo Card)
  • Certificate of Marriage Notification (婚姻届書)

Please note, these requirements can change at any time.

Registering For Help To Find A Japanese Marriage Partner With A Japanese Marriage Agency

Registering for help to find a Japanese marriage partner with a Japanese Marriage Agency is relatively simple. There is a little more documentation needed than when you are getting married in Japan though.

Japanese Marriage Agency registration is very thorough.

Japanese Marriage Agency Important Note: Proving Your Identity Is Crucial

With proof of identity, plus proof of all statements about yourself, being needed.

Generally marriage agency registration includes that same documentation required for getting married. Thus proving you can legally marry in Japan. Also needed will be education certificates, supporting any claims of your education level. Proof of work, plus proof of earnings, for those wanting such information on their profile.

Men must prove ability to support themselves and their future wife.

Many Japanese ladies will stop work after marriage. Focusing on managing their home. Some women will continue working, that is less common though. As such, it’s very common that Japanese Marriage Agency registration includes proof of income for men. With almost every marriage agency in Japan making it required.

Japanese Marriage Agency Registration Documentation Requirements:

  • Proof of residence from city hall (less than 3 months old)
  • Proof of marital status from embassy or city hall (less than 3 months old)
  • Driver’s License OR Passport
  • Education Certificates
  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Employment (Contract or Letter from Employer)
  • Governmental Proof Of Eligibility for Profession as applicable
  • 1-2 Pictures less than 6 months old (for your profile)
Having presented this information to your chosen Japanese Marriage Agency, plus paid all relevant fees, registration is relatively swift.

From that point on, your Japanese Marriage Agency will be active in helping you find potential marriage partners. Every agency is different, some more active than others. Marriage Matching is incredibly active with support for clients searching for marriage partners.

Joining Japanese Marriage Agency Marriage Matching

Making Marriage Matching your Japanese Marriage Agency is relatively easy.

Firstly, booking your initial marriage matching consultation should be done. Your initial consultation with our marriage agency can be either in-person in Osaka, Japan, or online if you’re overseas or in another part of Japan.

Marriage Matching Our Japanese Marriage Agency Clients Find Love Fast

Book Your Japanese Marriage Agency Consultation
In general, clients of our Japanese Marriage Agency find that loving, caring, marriage partner they desire within 6 – 12 months of registering with Marriage Matching. As a marriage agency, we greatly look forward to helping you find a wonderful marriage partner too.

Marriage Matching, the Japanese Marriage Agency with specialization in introducing foreigners to Japanese partners for marriage.

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