Improving relationships is something a great many wish to do, and neuro linguistic programming techniques offer an incredible opportunity for doing just that.

Mindset, and the human mind, is a curious thing, with our own fallibility often getting in the way of the results we desire, in relationships of all kinds, and in other areas of life too.

Why NLP? Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s brings methodology and process to the task of optimizing the mind for how we wish to be, and what we wish to achieve. While the NLP practitioner level is enough to improve the communications skills for most people, the NLP master practitioner level brings about the most significant communication improvement, helping people to eliminate wrong perceptions from what would be described as improper communication. By improper communication what is meant is things coming out differently, and then being perceived with further difference by the person receiving the communication.

Lots of American and many European companies, utilize training in NLP techniques for this very reason, and while it has huge impact in businesses, it can transform relationships beautifully too.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques Significantly Enhance Communication With Both Non-Verbal And Verbal Communication

NLP techniques help you to be in control of your full spectrum of communication, while also helping you pick up on micro signals from who you are communicating with. Which can dramatically improve your relationship through levelling up the understanding you have of your partner, while also being sure that they understand you properly too.

Improving Your Relationship Fast With NLP

Communication skills are core to all relationships. Most people chance things. While we are taught certain things do with language in school, much gets left to chance, as people rarely understand how to make their communication clear, and how to minimize chance of misunderstanding. This is where NLP techniques come in.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques Can Help You Heal Relationships With Your Partner

The greatest harm caused to relationships often has its root in communication, be it the lack of it or miscommunication.

Good relationships are built when partners communicate with each other effectively.

Arguments, which are damaging to relationships, can usually be avoided when people have both a clear understanding of where each other are coming from, along with clear understanding of where they are each coming from. Motivations for thoughts and beliefs are often overlooked, with positive intention rarely being considered.

Don’t Expect Agreement With The Way You View The World

Everyone has their own thoughts, beliefs and values.

In healthy relationships these things do align, though many people form partner relationships with partners of differing values and beliefs, which often causes a great deal of friction. Hence one of the key reasons we recommend looking for someone with matching, or very similar, values when choosing a life partner.

Even with matching values, and well aligned beliefs, there is still chance for interpreting the world and events in differing ways. So never expect anyone to 100% agree with your view of the world 100% of the time. Embrace the fact that you will have different views at times, especially if you come from different cultures, and that is totally OK. As long as you respect, whether you like or not, each others perspective.

Respecting other’s views, regardless of whether you like those views, helps bring harmony.

Banish Negative Patterns Of Behavior Forever With Neuro Linguistic Programming

Banishing Negative Behavioral Patterns Forever Helps Build More Successful Relationships

Neuro linguistic programming techniques can help remove negative behavioral patterns forever, which helps shift from low self esteem, to good self esteem. In turn, this helps you to communicate more effectively, partly because negative thoughts have been replaced with positive ones. Thus leading to greater acceptance of positive intent.

Increased positive feelings naturally help with building relationships.

Good NLP Training Should Show You How To Go From Reactions To Responses

Reactions and responses may seem like the same things, they are however very different.

  • Reactions – unfiltered and automated.
  • Responses – filtered, processed, considered.

Reactions can be useful and appropriate at times, though rarely when communicating. They can lead to tensions increasing, arguments and hostility.

Responses are a far more diplomatic, careful way of communicating. They come from consideration of what a person has said, in terms of both verbal and non-verbal communication. Taking into account positive intent.

With any life partner, responses when communicating, are the way forward in terms of building happy, loving, successful relationships.

Reactions will largely contribute to exactly the opposite.

Training in, and understanding how to effectively use, neuro linguistic programming techniques helps you transition very easily from reactions to responses, and gain the best value from everyday life situations, and every communicative exchange you have. Thus building successful relationships with greater ease than ever before.

Accepting All Communication Comes From A Point Of Positive Intention Helps Build Meaningful Connections

Accepting there is positive intention behind all communication brings common ground.

We have our own thoughts, while some may view them as negative, they are always coming from a perspective of positive intent. Commonly the core to all thoughts is love or happiness. The human mind works on the path of least resistance, and due to values and beliefs being formed by learning from schools and experience, things can twist in a way that causes the path to actualization becoming negative.

Destructive behavioral patterns often come about from a desire for love, the mind taking on the belief that the conditions created will trigger sympathy, which is a manifestation of love. Of course, destructive behavioral patterns are destructive, all all concerned, so while they bring sympathy and love, they also bring pain and suffering.

Knowing that there is positive intent at the heart of everything, can help couples move to a point where verbal and non-verbal communication become far more effective. With deeper, more meaningful connections forming as a result.

Clearing Away Destructive Behavioral Patterns During NLP Training Helps Reduce Interpersonal Conflicts

When undergoing NLP training, people often end up confronting their own negative behavioral patterns. It is almost impossible to do otherwise when you are studying neuro linguistic programming techniques, largely because everything you experience causes change within your unconscious mind. As people go through NLP training they gain different perspective on themselves, developing fresh realizations. Often gaining insight as to how different behaviors would benefit them.

In doing so, destructive behavioral patterns can be released, and replaced with empowering ones. Which helps to reduce interpersonal conflicts as a result. This is also one reason we recommend getting NLP life coaching prior to searching for a marriage partner. By clearing out old behavioral patterns and establishing positive ones, you can become your ideal self, and create the best opportunity for relationship success possible. As such you can also heal relationships too.

Achieving Deeper Relationship Fulfillment Is Easy Using Neuro Linguistic Programming

Saying Goodbye To Low Self Esteem And Establishing More Respect Brings Better Relationships

When you release negative behavioral patterns forever, you also release low self esteem.

Learning neurolinguistic programming has a habit of changing how people view themselves. Realizations come, often bringing understanding they have held themselves back through unconscious negative beliefs about themselves. Usually this brings desire for mindset change, followed by action in terms of developing good self esteem.

This change means that both old and new relationships can be far more positive, and importantly loving.

Self esteem creates a very proportional response in terms of love. When people have low self esteem, it’s difficult for them to perceive they are loved, regardless of the reality. When you have good self esteem, you can recognize and also give love and communicate far more effectively.

Building good self esteem helps build successful relationships.

Paying Attention To Sensory Based Language Brings Positive Effect To Relationships

Building rapport is vital to creating a successful relationship.

Rapport is built in many ways, most are unconscious. Something most people can influence easily, when they’re aware of it, is how they communicate using predicates, which are sensory based language.

Some Sensory Based Examples Of Language That People Use:
  • Visual – see, shine, light, dark, clear, vision, focus, look.
  • Auditory – hear, call, sounds like, clicks, listen, loud.
  • Kinesthetic – feel, hot, cold, wet, solid, balanced, heavy.
  • Olfactory & Gustatory – bitter, sweet, smells, tasteful.
  • Audio-digital – wonder, aware, evaluate, like.
This type of language can bring about misunderstanding between two people, even when there is understanding. When two people have different representational systems, e.g. visual and auditory, it can be that through use of confirming language, one lacks belief of the other’s understanding. Telling an auditory person that “I see what you mean” can send a conflicting signal, whereas saying “That sounds right” would have them knowing that you do understand.

Simple, yet powerful. Listening out to the subtle preferred modes of sensory language partners use can dramatically increase understanding, thus decreasing tension, in relationships.

NLP Techniques Help You Understand More Clearly What Your Partner Is And Isn’t Saying

Training in neuro linguistic programming techniques brings a deeper level of insight in what is going on when your partner communicates with you. Bringing together the various elements of physiology, tone of voice, plus deeper understanding the words and linguistic patterns they reside within.

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming Reduces Human Arguments By Enhancing Communicative Ability

Most people spend their time working on assumptions when they are talking with people, rather than actually paying close attention to what is being communicated. Even for those in a close relationship, many rarely pay proper attention. While a partner is saying “yes” they could be shaking their head in a slight manner, indicating they don’t really agree or believe. Simple signals get missed by many, as does understanding on levels of probability, assumption taking over, or personal belief systems just outright overruling.

Good Knowledge Of Neuro linguistic Programming Brings Significant Communication Improvement

Developing skills through training in some of the simplest yet most effective techniques in the neuro linguistic programming array, can dramatically change how people relate to each other.

It is quite possible to both be and have, a better partner, through just having greater awareness and understanding of how you each communicate. Even a little spark of change can lead to new cultures in relationships, bringing free time filled with more adventurous travelling on your journey together, both literal and metaphorical. NLP is truly powerful in that way.

Body Language Is 55% Of Communication For Human Beings Whereas Words Are Just 7%

The knowledge that words are so little of how people communicate is a fairly powerful thing. Certainly when I learned that, the spark struck deep in terms of my perception of the world.

With how we communicate being one of the key ingredients to building relationships and making them successful, that little spark would do well to be lighting up various sectors of your mind, and empowering change that has you able to communicate with far greater effect.

No-one needs an HR consultant to help them build their relationship, they just need to communicate effectively. Learning NLP seriously helps build those effective techniques, fast.

You can build a relationship fast, based purely on physiology and tone of voice. Physiology on its own can generate instant rapport, which is very useful itself during Omiai introductions where a partner is deciding if they want to start along the dating and relationship journey with you. When you know how, and there are neuro linguistic programming techniques that help with that. There are also techniques from NLP that help when you get to more established stages of relationships, or want to discuss things more deeply. Human beings are capable of incredible things, when they put their minds to it, neuro linguistic programming helps hone the mind for better results what ever you wish to achieve, be it with everyday life situations, writing songs, studying for a BA degree, or huge life goals. All just part of why NLP is so powerful, and why NLP is wise to be known by anyone in a relationship.

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