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Professional introductions have been used for centuries to help people find the right person for a healthy long term relationship, and marriage. In Japan the Omiai system dates back to the 16th century. Omiai dating still accounts for 5.2% of all marriages in Japan annually.

Professionally arranged introductions are common with matchmaking services and members of a marriage agency, they are rare for dating services due how much work’s required to arrange them.

One core reason that introductions work so well, is that they are usually done by an organization that’s trusted, and does background checks on both people, before introductions. In the case of a Japanese marriage agency, background checks are done before registration is permitted, other organizations vary.

Good Matches Are Diligently Identified By Matchmakers

Introduction Services First Date To Soulmate The Dating Journey Made Easy

Personal Introductions Agency

Go Straight To The Right Matches With Help From A Skilled Matchmaker

A personal introductions agency only introduces two people provided they’re a good match. Matchmakers perform a compatibility check before introduction requests are actioned.

For users of a matchmaking service the checks are done by matchmakers before suggestions are shared with clients.

Matches can be based on a variety of criteria including; age, birth sign, location, interests. More serious services from good matchmakers look carefully at mindset, personalities, and how people will harmonize together, then make introductions accordingly. This is how the Japanese Omiai system works.

How Do Dating Services And Dating Apps Compare To Introduction Services

In reality there is very little comparison between dating services and dating apps with introduction services. Dating services and dating apps will mainly focus on getting a person a date, rather than the quality of the date or person being introduced to.

Contrastingly, introductions are focused on successful outcomes for introduction dates, chiefly that long term commitment will come, and ideally wedding bells will sound.

Gaining Matchmaking Advice Helps First Date Conversation To Be Successful
Walk Happily Through Life With The Right Partner Beside You

“Dating Agencies Near Me” Are They Worth It?

Searching for “dating agencies near me” can produce very hit and miss results. For those in a great place, with high quality dating agencies with good reputation, who value high levels of service, good things can happen. People far from quality agencies can be less fortunate. For anyone seriously seeking true love, looking nationally or even internationally is far wiser, increasing both their dating pool and the level of service they receive for their investment.

The Dating Journey And Developing Meaningful Connections

Being able to meet people who are honest, share common interest, can talk openly and clearly, is challenging for many. While introductions can help you meet people who have the right initial qualities, having professional support for the dating journey is invaluable.

Many people get a coach to help them with various aspects of life and business. Having additional resources such as ongoing support, especially coaching, for relationship building can be equally valuable. Also, never underestimate the importance of having the right dating mindset, it’s vital for success.

When there are communication challenges or misunderstandings, uncertainty about how a partner feels and whether they wish to become more serious, having support becomes hugely beneficial. The earlier people have that support, the better for their relationship.

Joining Good Companies And Businesses Can Bring Dream Introductions

Confidential Feedback From Skilled Matchmakers Brings Incredible Benefit

Good Introductions Or Omiai Feel Safe And Encourage Healthy Relationships

Working with good matchmakers, who give ongoing support, means feedback is there when needed. Insight and useful comment can be gained when there are challenges, even mediation to help overcome serious misunderstandings.

While developing meaningful connections is easy when two people share the same values and are interested in each other with a level of mutual attraction, building relationships is always easier with good support. Having matchmakers on hand to help means those needing it get the best support possible, because they understand relationships on a deep level.

International Dating And Online Dating Can Work With Quality Personal Introductions

Finding a partner in another part of the world can be challenging, usually due to trust issues. For most, the option of even gaining a first date depends on some common connection. In certain countries, such as Japan, there must be mutual contacts.

The easiest way to find a marriage partner in another part of the world, is via introductions done by a good agency with such services. For most people with this level of commitment to finding love, a marriage agency is usually the way forward, with help from a professional matchmaker who can find that right person for marriage.

The Right Agency Has The Ability To Find That Special Someone Easily

The Process For Meeting Someone For Marriage Overseas

Access To Your Assigned Matchmaker Should Be Easy After Registering
The first place reliable agencies begin is a consultation, so they can get to know potential clients. From there, assuming they’re happy to work with that person, background checks must be completed by the company. Provided everything is OK, registration is permitted.

Having completed profile creation, and gained deep understanding of what their client would prefer in terms of that special someone to marry, the international matchmaker will explore their membership in search of potential matches. For the matches that are accepted, first dates are then arranged, either face-to-face or online depending on location and travel arrangements.

Often that first date is via Zoom, for reasons of privacy and safety.

The Dating Journey For Building A Healthy International Relationship

For a reasonable period of time, online dating via video dating and messaging, is how most people build rapport, have fun together, and foster those initial feelings of love.

Once the couple gets to a certain stage, where more serious feelings of love take over, beyond initial attraction, meeting face-to-face becomes wise.

Through all of this, a good matchmaker will be there to support.

Clients of Marriage Matching regularly contact staff for advice on dates, how to progress healthily with the dating process, what thoughts their match has about marriage or becoming more serious in their relationship, and much more. Having support available when building a relationship is invaluable to many, especially an international relationship.

Matches Need A Well Matched Personal Life
Finding A Soulmate On Your Own Can Be Daunting

As a result, good matchmakers regularly review with clients in terms of how things are going, in order to help them best and often become friends as a result.

When breaking off with someone, there’s rarely any concern about staying friends. Clients are usually so focused on marriage, understanding not everyone is a perfect match, that they’re happy to stay focused on those they are thinking about marriage with.

Making Arrangements For An International Marriage

This depends greatly on what country you’re from, what country your match resides in, and where you decide to marry. Most countries require couples fill out special visa applications before marriage, for example:
Matchmakers Check The Combination Of Characteristics And Circumstances
Client Security Is Vital For Businesses Doing Marriage Introductions

Naturally there are other requirements for other countries, checking the government site on the internet for your country is wise. The process of getting married in Japan is somewhat simpler than most.

A professional matchmaker will provide a certain level of assistance, especially with sections on proving relationship. It’s often wise to get help from a business with a specialist visa service depending on the country you intend to marry in though, due to the functionality of various application processes and operations, and the worry they can bring to some.

Finding A Competent Introductions Business You Can Be Confident In

Before the fun of dates and getting to know matches you identify with, and would be happy to marry, can begin, you need to find a quality agency to help you.

While people will often check for a good review of services, agencies doing introductions rarely get clients sharing a review due to the intensely private view they take about getting help finding a spouse.

It’s still worth checking to see if there’s a good review, though more important is talking with agency staff, and your potential matchmaker, to ensure you have a good connection with them.

You will be working very closely with them, and sharing confidential information, so you need to have faith in who you will be dealing with. Plus these people will be getting paid to help you, and you will want to be sure you’re happy with them getting paid for serving you effectively.

Meet Agency Staff In Their Office Or On Zoom Before Deciding To Join

Getting Help From Marriage Matching For International Spouse Searching

Matchmaking Organization Members Get Quality Introductions
If you’re interested in having Marriage Matching arrange introductions for you, please fill in the consultation request form, and spend some time with the staff that will be helping you.

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