Omiai Japanese Marriage Matching


Omiai Japanese Matchmaking For Marriage Matching And Successful Marriages

Omiai dating and marriage matching principles are used by Japanese marriage agencies to bring tens of thousands of couples together every year.

Omiai systems accounted for 5.2% of marriages in 2010, 6.4% of marriages in 2015 a 23% increase. Rising to 15.1% by the end of 2021, a 236% increase in Omiai service use from 2015 to the end of 2021.

By the end of 2022 introductions accounted for 15.4% of marriages per year in Japan.

Omiai popularity is growing. Largely because of challenges that exist within Japanese culture in relation to meeting and dating. Many people find it very challenging to find a marriage partner, largely because of issues around trust. While Japanese people are inherently very trustworthy, modern Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, few people trust those they do not know. Thus meeting new people, and dating, can be almost impossible.

Introduction meetings are for many people in Japan ideal way to meet and start a relationship, and regularly lead to a legal registration of marriage.

Why Do People Use An Omiai Marriage Agency?

There are many reasons why people use an Omiai service.

For some, it may be because they have not had much success in finding a partner themselves. Others may be too busy with work or other commitments to go out and meet people. And for some, it may simply be because they prefer to have someone else do the hard work for them.

No matter the reason, there are now more people than ever before using these services to try and find their perfect match. With this way of meeting potential marriage partners becoming ever more popular with people in countries outside of Japan due to shifts in dating culture away from committed long term relationships in general. Something we hear about on a daily basis during consultations is how people have struggled to find a partner who both shares their values, and wishes to get married. Something which is relatively easily addressed by using these type of introductions to find partners who are aligned and desiring that same way of life.

Introductions make it far easier for those who wish to marry to find their ideal partner.

Do These Introductions Really Result In Good Marriages?

While for many in western nations these type of introductions seem almost other worldly, as with various elements of Japanese culture, these introductions really do work. Helping a lot of people in Japan, and now other places too, on a regular basis.

Cities including London and New York, which have a reasonable population of Japanese women and men, have seen demand increasing for such introductions due to issues with the dating culture there.

If you are thinking about using an Omiai service, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Many women and men having Omiai introductions have more serious considerations than those in other countries, something which relates closely to their marital success. This article was created to give you the background and understanding, so all the information you seek can be found within this page.

Omiai Meaning – Background And History Of Omiai

The Omiai system first came into being around the 16th century in Japan, during the Muromachi period.

Much as matching had been used by royal families within Europe as a method of forging alliances, with marital union between royalty of different nations, or of noble title at the least, helping ensure peace.

Omiai Japanese

Omiai, or Miai in its simple plain form and the O being the honorific prefix with which it often used, was initially used by those of Samurai class to forge strong alliances, again helping ensure peace.

At that time, Miai use came with greater depth than present evolutions of Miai. With each Nakodo, the matchmaker’s offical title, performing their duty very solemnly, befitting the high level of respect needed for arranging a marital union suitable for families, and their intended alliances along with continuity of bloodline through the couple’s children. Miai required very high levels of attention to detail, going deep beyond title alone, family was crucial.

Principally because in 16th century Japan bloodlines, family history, plus class, were all vital elements of the Miai idea on how to create matches. Matches between Samurai families could only hold if bride and groom were of correct status, title and class were extremely important, with balance across each other in terms of importance. If family members were deemed problematic, this was noted with aspects for potential marriages, usually resulting in no possibility of even a first date. Feudal Japan placed high value on status, it was the foundation of power and respectability for the Japanese, thus Miai was a very in-depth and logically detailed process.

Miai in 16th century Japan had little concern for initial impressions of love, though inherent within those performing Miai matching was belief that such matching would yield loving marital union.

Essentially this meant that each partnership formed through Miai at that time was an arranged marriage, title was most important, love could come later, a belief held core by each Japanese family and the Nakodo.

Miai Marriage Spread

Miai matching spread widely during the Edo, or Tokugawa, period.

In Japan, as with many countries, class was seen as very important at that time, and many Japanese families did their best to emulate those of Samurai class, as they wished to appear more important. As such, many families adopted Miai as a way to find a partner suitable for their children, with Nakodo performing marriage matching on an increasingly wider basis. With an arranged marriage becoming acceptable practice across various class levels.

Decline Then Rise Again Of Miai Service Popularity For Marriage Matching

Over time, popularity of Omiai service use, or Miai as they are also known, declined in Japan, dropping steadily from around 69% of marriages being from Miai in the 1930s and 40s, to 5.2% of marriages coming through Miai in 2010. Changing views among Japanese people, wanting greater emphasis on love, rather than matching based on background and other factors. Alongside this, according to social security research the marital rate per 1,000 went from 10.0 in the 70s to 4.7 in 2018. While arranged marriage and Miai use declined, marital rate did too. Indicative of how challenging people in Japan found it to find a partner.

Omiai Service Marriage Matching

In recent years Omiai matching has seen increase in popularity again. This time fueled by changes in marriage agency methods, many of which are data driven. Population migration, with many moving to Tokyo, Osaka or Yokohama, has also led to increasing demand from young people away from their network. Reducing focus on background, in favor of greater focus on inter-personal compatibility. Miai service now focuses on how compatible couples are, rather than family compatibility. It has also moved far away from its arranged marriage roots, becoming more of a highly selective introduction method, with potential partners still having freedom of choice.

Even though it has moved far from its roots, most people still use the honorific prefix O before Miai, creating the term Omiai, largely this is a cultural thing, with Japan having a very polite and honorable society.

Naturally there’s variation in service levels between Omiai services.

Each Japanese marriage agency has their own standards, some being higher than others, as with times of old.

Now, you can expect high levels of support, with in-depth matching, coaching support, plus dating advice from your top level matchmaker. Meaning when engaging a quality Miai service, chances of gaining successful happy marriages are high. Because most people find it exceptionally challenging to find a partner who also wishes to marry, this kind of success is causing great demand in Omiai service use again.

Evolving Use Of A.I. For Sifting Through Data And Criteria

Data has become an ever larger piece of everyone’s life, with algorithms governing much of life now, notably how we search for information on the internet. Search Engines such as Google have migrated to use of A.I. in order to sift through retrieved data more easily, and present people with the best results possible for their search.

History provided us with the outline Miai process, though now with ever more data at our disposal, movement has been made into use of A.I. in bringing together couples as a measure to make successful marriages more easily.

AI Sifting Through Data For Easier Matching

A.I. Vs. Nakodo Or Matchmaker Insight And Ability

While various dating sites have mentioned using data driven A.I. to help people find good matches, few dating sites do so successfully. Principally due to factors the A.I. never retrieved within its data set, as that data was never there. The kind of retrieved data that many Nakodo refer to as intuition, information noted through various conversations and meetings over time.

Miai organizations, principally the federations at the core, have been developing more targeted A.I. with better oversight of data to create successful marriages with greater ease. They are far from going beyond the use of manual work needed by agents to ensure each potential husband and wife are well matched though.

As such, fulfilment of duties still requires skilled Nakodo for successful marriages to be possible. Partly due to levels of support needed for potential husband and wife matches during dating, organization of couples initial meeting or introduction meeting, plus background checks that go through documentation and data to ensure suitability for the service.

Omiai Agents How Japanese Marriage Agencies Use Miai Service To Help People

Your Nakodo, or matchmaker, is generally very relaxed now. Working calmly, yet cheerfully, in their Miai matching efforts. Largely through their desire to ensure every client is happy, at ease, plus importantly, themselves during the entire dating process. At times acting as a go-between to help couples overcome challenges, including with dating mindset

With greater focus on developing a loving union, each Nakodo now looks very carefully at data collated from assessing people’s characters. Aspects of psychology and client mindset have come into effect within that data mix when marital matching with Miai service now.

That extra depth, augmented by profile questionnaires that draw deeper data from each client, and care being taken as a measure towards ensuring maximum compatibility between couples seeking to marry.

While this can border on intrusive due to the depth of questioning on their profile registration form, results speak for themselves, 5.2% of marriages in Japan, all with high levels of fulfillment.

Happy Wedding And Marital Bliss After Successful Omiai

Omiai Parties Provide Less Formal Marriage Matching

Omiai parties have also become popular.

Naturally Omiai parties lack that depth given by matchmakers within marriage agencies. However, Omiai parties are often far cheaper, while still providing opportunity for people to find a partner that they may never have met.

Social settings, usually bars or restaurants, ensure Omiai attendees feel good, helping them loosen off so they can communicate easily.

There is clear distinction here which allows Omiai parties to work. When visiting bars and restaurants, most people are strangers, thus concerns arise over what people are like, along with confidence issues in talking with them. Within Omiai parties however, attendees have that important sense of trust.

Background Checks Bring Trust Making People Feel At Ease

Knowing that everyone else has been checked, depending on the marriage agency conducting the party, thus they can feel safe. Plus, as it’s an Omiai party, they can feel assured of some measure of positive response when talking, because everyone there wishes to find a partner to marry.

Omiai Parties Marriage Introduction Dating

Omiai Parties And Omiai Speed Dating Crossovers

Because Omiai parties lack that depth that marriage agencies give to individual marriage matching clients, many Omiai parties have become more like speed dating parties.

While some of these parties are more like regular parties, where attendees mingle, chatting as they desire, becoming acquainted, exchanging details with potential partners. Other Omiai parties have more of a speed dating feel, largely so that the agency organizing them can ensure every attendee speaks with everyone, as such ensuring maximum potential is gained for dating introductions.

Omiai parties are generally less effective than a Nakodo matching service. However, as these parties are generally much cheaper than use of a marriage matching service, plus they have a very social element, they’ve become popular with younger people.

Often Omiai parties are used by young people in their 20s looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend, rather than a husband or wife.

For those in their late 20s, 30s and up, such parties are deemed less worthwhile. Largely as from that age on, people are far more serious in their efforts to find a partner. As such they prefer methods which bring greater likelihood of finding that ideal loving partner who wishes to marry, rather then just dating someone who’s fun from a party they both attended.

Omiai Dating Find Marriage Partner

Anyone who has dated in a western country knows how challenging finding a good loving partner who also wishes to marry can be.

Often it takes a long period of time getting to know someone in order to find out what they’re really like. What things they enjoy doing, their dreams for the future, what their family is like, whether they want children, plus so much more which is important in terms of having that depth of marital matching needed for life long wedded bliss.

Searching for someone can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, without any tools to help.

With modern technology, people find it easy to search for things via Google or Amazon.

Nakodo Matchmakers Help Find The Right Marriage Partner

Finding Potential Marriage Partners With Ease

People use a Japanese marriage agency Miai service, performed by Nakodo matchmakers so they can find a loving partner that’s right, with ease. Each agency effectively being that marital partner search engine. Their Omiai service sifting through potential marital partner data, matching up criteria, so that their Miai client can gain that list of quality matrimonial matches. From which they can begin getting to know people who are well suited to them.

You use search engines so you can find things easily. You use search engines so you can avoid spam sites. People use an Omiai service so they can find the right partner to marry easily. People use Miai matching so they can avoid dating spam. Use of a quality Omiai service means you can focus directly on those you’re most compatible with. Omiai matching means less time wasted, less heartache.

Omiai matching means you find a partner to marry, who you can enjoy life long wedded bliss with, efficiently. Making your life easier.

Omiai Dating Global Growth In Matching And Marriage Matching

Omiai matching work, and matching service provision through agencies are seeing increasing growth. Much movement towards Omiai service use is due to disillusionment from people with datingdating apps and dating sites in their area or region.

99% of people that Marriage Matching staff speak with in western nations, Australia, Canada, the U.K., the U.S. and New Zealand, mention being tired of partners cheating, lying, wanting money more than love. From London to L.A., Melbourne to Montreal, this comes so frequently as the content of background in consultations. So they seek out a Miai service which will match them effectively with a good loving partner to marry.

A Real Marriage Partner, Never A Fake

Additionally, many in western nations have become sick of fake dating profiles and fake dating sites.

Omiai International Matchmaking

Seeking Omiai services with quality marriage agencies, where they know people are fully verified as real, with all statements in content in bios about themselves being backed up by certified proof.

Omiai service with agencies are helping people worldwide overcome mistrust of dating where they are. Through matching by Miai processes, plus identity verification, age, and background checks, every marital agency client sees their faith return in being able to find a partner to marry, who loves them for who they are. This is why Miai and matrimonial matching done by those skilled in matchmaking are experiencing strong growth globally.

Miai Finding The Right Partner With Minimal Fuss

Miai through a good matchmaker means people find that right partner with minimal fuss. As such, Miai opens life up for greater enjoyment and fulfillment. A chance to be content with that special someone.

There is a very high level of privacy involved with this activity too, and only other members can view a person’s photographs or profile content, such things are never exposed publicly.

How It Works Now

One of the core things different, when compared with dating sites or organizations, is level of attention to detail with background checks. The possibility of being introduced to any potentially suitable partner only comes about after strict background checks have been completed.

Each Nakodo will check through a set list of documents in order to assess client suitability. Everything about identity must be confirmed, along with documentation proving statements that people make about themselves.

Marriages, Japan And Age

Age is very carefully checked, in Japan and under Japanese law, people may only decide to marry without parental or guardian approval after the age of 20. As such, members and marriages of those getting Miai help in Japan are all with people over 20. If you are under 20, you will not be deemed suitable to be introduced to anyone Japanese, or permitted membership to a Miai agent. After 20 most people can easily decide for themselves, free from family pressure.

People Can Decide After Age 20 About Marriage Themselves In Japan

Suitability Is Checked Carefully By Vetting Data In Each Page Of Documentation

Every article is looked at carefully. With every country doing things differently, this is a significant task when performing Miai on an international level.

If there are any concerns exposed, then those involved will be prompted for clarification, and potentially informed that they are unsuitable.

Quality Photographs Are Vital, Photos Edited Using Photoshop Are Not Suitable

Photos form an important part of how matches are made. As such, high quality professionally taken photos are either strongly recommended, even required. Photos are also carefully checked for enhancements made using Photoshop or other software that manipulates photographs.

All photographs have to show people as they genuinely are, i.e. all photographs must be natural.

There are strong reasons for the idea behind this, chiefly that people must be genuine with each other in order for marriages to be successful.

Quality Profile Photographs Are Essential For Getting Good Matches

Marketing You And Creating Appeal

Essentially, matchmakers are doing marketing for you.

They are putting you in your best light, so as to generate appeal in an ethical manner which attracts your ideal mate.

Your bio page which potential matches see, is like a finely crafted article, edited to generate interest in those who will harmonize with you. So you can find marital success with ease.

While some may have issue with terming this as marketing, in reality it is. And during introduction meetings, plus every date or meeting with a potential matrimonial partner, you are marketing yourself, so that every piece of data your potential mate garners about you, indicates that you are the one.

How Initial Meetings Are Arranged And What Happens After Your Introduction

Prior to your first meeting, or Miai introduction, your potential partner and you have only had the opportunity to see each other’s details, essentially working out if your union would work on paper so to speak.

Initial introductions are your opportunity to get to know if there is that undefinable chemistry between you. For international couples these introductions are done using Zoom, for those in the same country, Japan or otherwise, a face-to-face date is arranged in a quality location which is public, and safe for both parties.

Miai Initial Introduction Meeting Safe Easy

Naturally, knowing the location, and having seen photographs of each other, meeting is easy.

After your introduction date, the agent concerned will check with each person independently as to whether a further date, and continued getting to know each other is desired. Only if both people wish to continue will direct contact between them be permitted.

With agents managing exchange of details so prospective husbands and wives can contact each other freely, and begin building a good, healthy relationship.

When people are shy, agents may well coach them through healthy contact, and share an idea or two about conversations, things to say, points worth noting for in person or video date activities.

Healthy Dating Support To Build Lasting Relationships

Starting As Friends And Progressing At Your Own Pace

Essentially, you are starting as friends, albeit with a healthy attraction to each other. With more contact, you develop deeper rapport, and a stronger relationship. Coming to better understand your long term compatibility.

Sometimes the first person is the one, sometimes several introductions are required.

Finding your perfect matrimonial partner is after all a process.

Every Process Takes Time, Dating For Marital Success Included

Over time, as you get to know a potential life partner, different facets of personality, values, beliefs, behaviors, are exposed, giving you deeper understanding as to whether you are suited.

For many, this initial phase could see them being friends with various potentials, and evaluation of each being dependent on the content of each relationship.

Take Time Getting To Know Potential Marriage Partners

Omiai Dating And Marriage Matching Is It Right For You?

Omiai dating in its modern form, focused on love and personal compatibility, brings ease of connection for those looking for a well matched partner.

Omiai English Increasing Opportunity For Love And Fulfillment

For those seeking to marry, a good Miai service reduce heartache, and heart break. Through use of a good Miai service people regularly find a partner they love, and can build a wedded bliss with, in around six to twelve months of Miai service membership.

Commonly at Marriage Matching we use Omiai processes to help every client who has had enough heartbreak, and just seeks help in finding a loving partner. Miai works well in helping people create happy marriages regardless of culture, ethnicity or background.

Potential Challenge For Introductions And Marital Bliss

There are some potential challenges that people face.

Some people view certain geographical locations more favorably than others. Certain places feel safer to some than others. This can result in challenge for people in those locations, though this is something matchmakers understand well.

As such, good matchmakers will discuss potential obstacles with each potential client during their initial consultation.

Ensuring everything is in the open, so a properly informed decision can be made.


Providing you’re focused on love, Miai introductions work well.

Omiai Marriage Matching Services When They’re Right For You:

  • Omiai matching is right for you if you are tired of meeting ‘the wrong type’.
  • Omiai dating services massively reduce wasted time when dating.
  • Omiai introductions are right if you are seriously ready to commit.
  • Omiai matching brings great benefit when you’re too busy to find a partner to marry.
  • Omiai services are for you when you know what you want from your life partner.
  • Omiai matching is right for you when you want to go straight to ‘the one’.

Miai service use is definitely for those wanting to marry. Omiai service use is far less appropriate for people wanting casual dating.

Proving Who You Are To Matchmakers And Potential Matches

Miai matchmakers require specific documentation to prove eligibility for a legal marital union, again making Miai matching less suitable for casual dating. Fees for Omiai matching are also much higher than simple online dating sites and dating apps. That said, a good Omiai service yield far higher support levels, specifically good Nakodo or Miai matching agents will manually match their clients. Plus ensure each Omiai client is only introduced to compatible partners.

Omiai Service Contracting With A Good Marriage Agency

Omiai Helps Unite Many Couples In Modern Japan

For those who seriously seek to marry their ideal life partner, a good Omiai service is highly beneficial. You get what you pay for though, so choose your Omiai service wisely. Not all Miai agents are equal, which is often reflected in pricing. Check your choice of matching service carefully.

Good Matchmakers Provide Imeasureable Value

Having a good matchmaker is incredibly valuable, they work hard which means they can find a partner to marry who can fill your life with love and happiness more easily. Miai service is very valuable when that’s what you want.

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