Payment Options Dogecoin And Other Payment Methods

Payment for Marriage Matching services can be made in various ways. While most clients have paid in Japanese Yen in the past, Marriage Matching is a strong supporter of Dogecoin, and payment options exist for those who wish to use Dogecoin to pay for our services.

Payment Options For Marriage Matching Marriage Agency Services:

Find A Marriage Partner Step 1: Get In Contact With Us

The first step in helping you find a marriage partner is getting in contact with us.

Yes, very simple.

Bank Transfer In Japanese Yen

Bank transfer is, and has been the most common method for receiving payments for Japanese and other domestic clients. This is largely based on the transparency that banking transfers yield, and the reassurance many derive from knowing that funds for services have gone directly to our business bank account.

We never accept international bank transfers due to various issues that have been known to arise, especially in regard to the time involved with such things.

Card Invoicing In Japanese Yen

Marriage Matching works with Stripe for card invoicing due to the level of security they offer. Card details are never stored on our site, and we have never integrated a payment gateway into our website in order to best secure our members information.

Marriage Matching uses Stripe card invoicing for all fees to be paid by overseas clients, unless an alternative is agreed by us.

Dogecoin Payments

Dogecoin Payment Marriage Matching Marriage Agency

Marriage Matching is very happy to accept Dogecoin in payment for our marriage agency services. The amounts are calculated based on the value of Dogecoin in relation to Japanese Yen (JPY) at the time of invoicing. We do understand that Dogecoin is subject to fluctuations in value, though once invoiced the payment amount is set regardless of whether the currency goes up or down in value compared to the Japanese Yen.

When making payments in Dogecoin, members need to inform us of the public address for the Dogecoin wallet from which funds are being sent. Marriage Matching staff then check this against the public address within the transactions we receive.

Due to the positivity and good nature of many within the core Dogecoin supporters community we are happy to do this, as we feel members are closely akin to the type of people well suited to our services, and who will achieve good success with us.

Dogecoin invoices must be paid within 24 hours of issue, ideally as soon as the invoice is received.

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