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Marriage agency use has been on the increase due to changes in culture and society which have led to challenges faced by those wanting to find a marriage partner.
I Want Help From A Marriage Agency

,Marriage agencies vary greatly in how they work, and while some have become notorious for mail order brides, others like Marriage Matching have become well known for omiai matchmaking based on love and personality.

As a marriage agency Marriage Matching focuses very carefully on matching people with marriage partners they are truly compatible with. While some would use the term life partner, we believe that marriage partner is more appropriate due to the number of people who are life partners, though never marry. Our role as a marriage agency, along with all our matchmaking activities, is focused on marriage. That clear distinctive commitment.

Our marriage agency helps people find a marriage partner who is a loving life partner.

We never just find people life partners.

Marriage Agency Services Getting Help To Find A Marriage Partner FAQs

When you want to find a marriage partner you have various options.
While marriage agency services are one choice, there are others, it’s worth understanding how a good marriage agency like Marriage Matching can bring serious benefit in comparison to other choices. Along with understanding various important facts regarding marriage agency use.

Why Use A Marriage Agency To Help You Find A Marriage Partner?

Using a marriage agency to help you find a marriage partner can seem like a big step. For a start, marriage agencies do charge fees, which can have people believe that marriage agency use is expensive. Though in reality using a marriage agency saves both money and heartache for those who come to us for help.

Key benefits of marriage agency use include:

  • Marriage agency clients are all seriously seeking marriage.
  • Good marriage agencies screen clients to ensure suitability for marriage.
  • Quality marriage agency services include high levels of support.
  • Top marriage agencies will coach you through courtship.
  • The best marriage agency supports your every step.

Many people that seek marriage agency help do so as they have grown tired of traditional dating challenges.

Throughout many countries people face challenges when finding a marriage partner, often dating people they find have little to no interest in marriage, desiring freedom from commitment, though someone they can just enjoy time with. Others face challenges with loyalty, discovering that people they date are also dating other people. Or even that their partner is only with them for money, rather than love.

Marriage Matching Marriage Agency Matchmaking
Because of how Marriage Matching screens marriage agency applicants, we can eliminate many of those unpleasant challenges.

As a marriage agency Marriage Matching has a client list for which everyone is confirmed as single, plus seriously seeking marriage partner. Clients of our marriage agency all want to find a marriage partner they love, and who loves them for who they are as a person.

Plus because of how our marriage agency works, our clients know they have the best support to find a marriage partner possible. Because Marriage Matching is there for them, in communication with both them and their partner, holding their hands, walking with them, helping them nurture their relationship into a life long happy marriage.

Those are key reasons people choose Marriage Matching as a marriage agency to help them find a marriage partner. Because we care, and we help them build real love for lasting happy marriage.

Marriage Agency Vs Online Dating App Why Pay?

Many have installed an online dating app, joined, chatted with others, then come away from online dating feeling dejected and disappointed.


While some do find a marriage partner through online dating using well known apps which are free or low cost, success rates for finding a marriage partner are low for online dating apps, and there have been numerous unpleasant stories of fake profiles, bots and other things that have zero place in services that are supposed to help you find a marriage partner.


While marriage agency services do come at a premium compared to online dating services, that premium brings much better service. Plus for Marriage Matching clients it also brings certainty that all people are real.


As a marriage agency Marriage Matching takes registration very seriously.


Marriage Matching requires various items of documentation so we can confirm statements made by members.


Including certification of marital status, unless we have documented proof that people are single, they cannot register. Many have never needed such documentation, though for our services it’s essential, for everyone’s peace of mind.


Increased support levels are another reason many opt for using marriage agencies rather than online dating apps. Your marriage agency having staff you can talk with, gaining feedback, plus advice, coaching even, that helps you build that quality relationship you desire.


While some feel confident, knowing that finding a marriage partner will bring great happiness, having confidence actually communicating with potential life partners can be challenging.


Marriage Matching goes that extra mile as a marriage agency, through advice and coaching.


Helping people overcome various dating challenges, so they can smoothly develop quality relationships.


Many marriage agencies will help with introductions. Few will go further. Marriage Matching believes coaching and advice that help build foundations for life long happy marriage are service elements essential to what we do as a marriage agency.

Dating Agency Vs Marriage Agency What’s The Difference?

In short, a marriage agency will help you find a marriage partner. Whereas a dating agency will help you find someone to date.

All of which is fairly obvious when thinking about the terms marriage agency vs dating agency.

Their real differences come through how serious their clients generally are. Dating agency clients generally are people seeking a boyfriend or girlfriend. Someone they can enjoy dating, without concern as to where their relationship is heading. Often this means more casual relationships, potentially where they might live together, though generally just where they can have a partner to enjoy a certain amount of their life with, without any real commitment.

Marriage agency clients are all seeking a marriage partner. They are focused on life long commitment through marriage.

Marriage Agency Marriage Partner Introduction
Because of these differences, dating agencies and marriage agencies usually handle identity verification differently.

Marriage agency registration involves more checks, because of that focus on marriage, requiring more proof of who people are, along with their ability to marry legally. For dating agencies less documentation is required, as relationships formed are less serious in their goals. For some that can bring issues, with those already married joining and forming additional relationships.

Marriage agency registration, certainly with Marriage Matching, ensures that when relationships form, both people are legally single and able to marry.

Dating agencies give people opportunity for finding partners, be that through speed dating parties, other social events organized for partner introduction activities, or online portals akin to dating apps. Through those things, generally it is up to the people themselves to find a suitable person, and decide for themselves.

When working with a marriage agency, compatibility is regarded with far greater care. Marriage agency staff usually taking time getting to know clients in-depth, so they can bring couples together effectively. Which often means that people know much faster whether they wish to marry or not.

For those only seeking casual relationships, without commitment, dating agency use is fine.

When you want to find a marriage partner you can enjoy life long happy marriage with, marriage agency use is best for you.

Matchmaking Agency Vs Marriage Agency What’s The Difference?

A matchmaking agency is a step beyond a dating agency.

While various top quality marriage agencies will use matchmaking as part of their services, not every marriage agency does.

Using matchmaking agency services is that step beyond dating agency use, refining your search in terms of compatibility, so that your ideal match can be found. However, while they may be your ideal match personality-wise, you may have differences regarding your view of marriage.

By contrast, using marriage agency services that include matchmaking, will have you brought together with highly compatible matches who are also seriously wanting to find a marriage partner.

Plus, marriage agencies tend to take identity verification more seriously.

When you’re unsure about whether marriage is important to you, using matchmaking agency services is likely worthwhile. Giving you opportunity for finding someone you’re highly compatible with, while keeping pressure off in terms of commitment.

When you are certain you want to find a marriage partner, using marriage agency services gives you the best way to find a marriage partner you can build a life long happy marriage with.

Marriage Agency Use Indicates Serious Commitment To Life Long Happiness

Marriage Agencies Help People Find Loving Marriage Partner
Through experience gained from talking with thousands of people, those who use marriage agency services are those who are seriously committed to finding a marriage partner.

While most online dating apps, online dating services, dating agencies and matchmaking agencies have their own rules, in general they are far less strict than marriage agency rules regarding service use and conduct.

Marriage Agency Rules Regarding Conduct

Because the core goal of marriage agency use is life long happy marriage, there are rules regarding what partners may do during dating.

While using a dating agency or online dating apps leaves people very free in terms of what they can do with partners, many of those services end up creating very short-term relationships.

When using marriage agency matchmaking services clients may:
  • Hold hands with their potential marriage partner.
  • Hug with their potential marriage partner.
  • Kiss their potential marriage partner.

That is the limit of physical contact when courting someone you meet through a marriage agency, until you have made the decision to marry.

For some this may seem very restrictive, though studies indicate that such rules limiting intimacy before marriage actually help build longer lasting happier marriages.

One core element which causes this is that people remain focused on their heart. Creating deeper emotional, mental and spiritual bonds with their prospective partner. Across the board marriage agencies agree that those bonds are what inspire people to love each other long-term, creating deep fulfillment and keeping marriages healthy.

So when you register with a marriage agency, never be surprised by such rules, they are there as a way of improving your chances of life long happy marriage.

Marriage Agency Services Why Use Marriage Matching To Find A Marriage Partner?

Marriage Matching has built strong reputation as a marriage agency.

While Marriage Matching does have strict behavior rules, all our clients believe those rules have helped them build strong loving relationships, and strong foundations for life long happy marriage.

Within our marriage agency we regularly do manual matchmaking with our clients. Taking time understanding their personalities, their dreams, before going through our various profiles searching for ideal matches that work well.

Marriage Agency Find Marriage Partner Easily
This process can take time, yet in general clients of Marriage Matching find a marriage partner they love within 6 – 12 months of registration.

Our marriage agency service level is exceptionally high, with marriage agency staff in regular contact with clients, helping them build strong, healthy, loving relationships. Smoothing through any ruffles that arise, helping people work through relationship challenges such as misunderstandings. While also helping them build greater confidence in their communication ability with their partner.

On top of this, at Marriage Matching we do coaching with clients to help them overcome issues holding them back from creating healthy relationships.

With co-founder Stephen Frost being a certified Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and having run his own coaching practice since 2005, our marriage agency is well placed to help people who have had unpleasant experiences with relationships in the past. With Stephen often being able to help marriage agency clients overcome serious mindset issues in around 1 hour, while also providing ongoing help with dating mindset for clients where beneficial. 

Life and relationship coaching at this level is rare from a marriage agency.

Another reason that many come to Marriage Matching.

As a marriage agency we are well placed to help people build healthy relationships, and a fulfilling life, whatever they have experienced, wherever they live.

For those who allow themselves to get help, choosing to get in contact with Marriage Matching for that help to find a marriage partner is universally one of the best things they feel they have done in their lives.

Marriage Agency Initial Consultation Book Now And Talk With Us

Marriage Agency Initial Consultation Online Booking PleaseVisit Our Osaka Marriage Agency Office
Taking one hour for your initial marriage matching consultation will empower you with understanding of how the Marriage Matching marriage agency can help you.

So permit yourself one hour to talk with us at Marriage Matching, and see what our marriage agency will do for you.

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