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Write for us and contribute articles to Marriage Matching that help people with quality advice about marriage, dating to marriage, and achieving successful relationships with marriage partners.

If you have a passion for writing, marriage and relationships, and would like to contribute quality content and write for us, we would love to hear from you.

Write For Us At Marriage Matching And Brighten The World With Each Article You Contribute

At Marriage Matching everything we do is about helping people to achieve dream relationships and happy marriage. We are constantly advising people and giving them tips, as well as coaching, around enhancing their relationships, as well as getting relationships started.

Write For Us And Contribute On Topics Including:

  • Dating
  • Dating to marriage
  • Choosing a marriage partners
  • Happy marriage
  • Empowering your relationships
  • Strengthening marriage and relationships
  • Getting engaged
  • Planning a marriage with your partner
  • International marriage
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When you write for us our editor will check what you wish to contribute. Light edits will be done by the editor, however when contributions need a great deal of work they will be returned with comments and feedback on how they need to be improved before publishing.

When you write for us you are will need to include a good bio, emphasizing your expertise. Links to your personal site and twitter account are acceptable. Links within the content will be by agreement with the editor, though in general, unless linking to a quality resource which is informative and critical to the article, links will be removed.

By choosing to write for us you are expanding your reach to help more people achieve greater happiness in their lives, while also expanding your own recognition as a writer, and expert in your field.

Write For Us And Contribute To Marriage Matching If You Are:

  • A relationship expert
  • A relationship coach
  • A life coach
  • An immigration lawyer (specializing in marriage)
  • A dating expert
  • Passionate about marriage and relationship success
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Whether you are a novice writer, or an international best selling author, we would be happy to receive your contributions. For novices our experienced copywriter and editor will happily offer you coaching with your writing when you write for us.

As a note, at present our editor is Stephen Frost, who has done copywriting for various top marketing organizations worldwide, he is also a NLP certified coach, with over 20 years experience in coaching. So for those who choose to write for us, there is significant potential to develop as a writer every time you contribute an article or guest post.

Thus offering great benefit to anyone choosing to write for us, contribute articles and guest posts which will benefit those reading them.

Write For Us What You Contribute We Will Share

Of course, when you write for us, each article you contribute will be shared via our social media. Potentially even being promoted by us depending on how much value we believe your article has.

So when you write for us, you could find you achieve far more than you thought.

At Marriage Matching we are keen for people to enjoy what you contribute when you write for us, and gain value from it. In an on going basis. So beyond doing boosts on social media for top content that writers contribute, we also work to ensure that high value content can be found via organic search.

Meaning that when you write for us, what you contribute could be attracting readers and generating benefit in people’s lives for a long period of time. So ensuring you have a good bio when you write for us is highly recommended.

How To Send Content Your Wish To Contribute When You Write For Us

Whatever article or guest post you choose to write for us should be between 800 and 2,000 words in length, read well, and offer value to anyone wishing to read whatever article you decide to contribute. Note that when you write for us, any article you wish to contribute must be 100% yours, completely unique and previously unpublished.

Should we discover that your article has been copied from elsewhere it will be removed. Likewise when you write for us, if you submit the same article to another site, we will remove it from Marriage Matching.

When you wish to write for us, the following is required for each article you contribute:

  • Your full name
  • Your Bio (300 characters maximum)
  • Your proposed title
  • The unique previously unpublished article you wish to contribute
  • 1 link to your own personal website
  • 1 link to your twitter account

Please carefully consider the value of what you wish to contribute. We will only allow people to write for us who are offering real value to our audience.

Also, when people write for us we carefully check their personal website for it’s content. If we believe that there is anything harmful, or promoting behavior that runs contrary to our values, which include goodness and happiness for all, then such links will be removed. Potentially whatever articles you have written will also be unpublished.

Our editor will select a suitable image for your quality article when you write for us. If you have a certain image in mind, which you have the rights to yourself, then please let us know and we will consider placing your chosen image with your contribution.

Guest posts and articles you wish to contribute when you write for us should be sent by email to: editor@marriagematching.love

Write For Us How Potential Opportunities Can Open When You Contribute

At Marriage Matching we are about serving our community, and the world too, in a way which sees happiness and love spread out through what we do.

So when you write for us on a regular basis, consistently bringing value to our community with each high quality article you submit, you are likely to find new opportunities opening up. Writers who consistently show value are likely to find opportunities as staff writers opening up to them.

At Marriage Matching we do our best to take care of our community, as a regular contributor you naturally become part of our community. So as much as each article you write for us provides benefit to those seeking advice within our community, our support team, which includes everyone from our co-founders through full-time staff, contributors and beyond is also part of our community. So when you write for us you become part of a community of people we love to take care of.

Become A Contributor Write For Us And Love What Comes When You Share Value With The World

We openly invite you to become a contributor. Providing we believe your articles contribute value, we would be happy for you to write for us. Check through our guidelines, ensure you understand how to submit articles when you write for us, and then submit an article you truly believe will contribute real value to those reading it. We look forward to seeing great content from you.

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