Coaching is something people rarely think about when they consider ways of increasing the amount of love in their life, finding the right partner for marriage, or keeping a relationship together. With the right coach though, magic results are possible in terms of loving relationships.

Coaching is something done to very different standards, and can produce varying results. Almost every coach has their own idea for how a good coaching session works. Finding a good coach is crucial whatever results or success you desire, especially when love and relationships are involved.

A core element of choosing the right life partner, is having alignment with core values and beliefs, mutual respect, and the ability to communicate well with each other. These things, and others also vital to healthy relationships, are governed by mindset. Unless your mindset is clean from things like limiting beliefs, then you will face challenging issues with relationships, especially intimate, loving ones.

Hence why getting a good coach helps when you want to prepare yourself for a relationship, or otherwise ensure that you are going to be at your best, so you can really build something loving and wonderful.

At Marriage Matching we do a certain level of coaching for our marriage agency clients, to help with their relationship success. When people want wider results, or are not clients with us, we recommend Online Coaching Coach for their incredible coaching process which produces fantastic results whatever success is desired.

Good Coaches Teach Skills That Help Overcome Relationship Problems

Professional Coaching Transforms The Lives Of Those Involved And By Extension Their Loving Relationships Too

How Do You Define Coaching?

A Career Coach Has Years Of Knowledge And Skill That Can Benefit

Coaching is the process of helping improve results, whether through mindset as with many doing business coaching, life coaching or mindset coaching, or through a mix of mindset and physical improvement as with sports coaches.

When it comes to helping a person create better conditions for relationships and love, the work is very much within their mindset. So creating mindset change which brings about improved self esteem is often key to the work done by coaches with those sorting out their love life.

What Is The Meaning Of In Person Coaching?

Coaching Provides Better Results Than Training Does

In person coaching is the route down which people used to pursue personal and professional development, the key part being that they would meet physically in person, most usually at the coaching practice, the office, of the coach they were working with.

Over time, and with technological development, high speed internet becoming prevalent, many have shifted from in person physically to online coaching.

Why Online Coaching Is Often More Beneficial Than In Person

Using Independent Coaches Can Be Better Than Coaching Organizations

The ability to meet via Zoom gained much wider acceptance in 2020 due to the pandemic at the time. Since that point most people have become very comfortable doing online or virtual meetings.

In terms of coaching this brings numerous benefits, one of the greatest being that those wishing to create change in their life now have a wide choice available, and can work with specialist coaches from further afield than they previously could.

Potentially of even greater benefit to some however, is the fact that with coaching online, there is far greater privacy involved.

When working with a coaching business that has coaches online, clients never need be seen going into a coaching practice, or a building where coaching professionals are known to work. Instead, whether by computer, touchpad or other mobile device, they can log in via whatever communications package is being used, from wherever they wish to.

This revolutionary point enables those wanting to retain very high levels of privacy to do so, by having their coaching sessions from home, their office, or wherever.

This can be especially helpful for those who have been through things like an abusive toxic relationship, or other trauma, who wish to get the best help possible, without going through high levels of stress to get it.

What Are The 4 Types Of Coaching?

Workplace Coaching Brings Professional Growth But Rarely Emotional

There are four commonly recognized types of coaching, they are:


Autocratic coaching is likely the least helpful style for almost everyone. It is prevalent in peak performance sports coaching though.

With autocratic coaching the coach’s vision for things is final, there’s zero room for negotiation, and the person being coached is expected to do as they’re told. This makes coaches working in this way more like trainers.

When overcoming relationship issues, or seeking better relationship outcomes, this style of coaching process is almost never helpful.


Never Be Afraid To Show Your Real Self And Share Personal Thoughts

Democratic coaching places the vision of the outcome in the hands of the person being coached.

When the coach understands the client’s goals effectively, they work out a plan to help them achieve that goal, effectively guiding them along a path which is believed to be best.

This type of coaching is rarely useful when dealing with relationships, and improving them. It can be useful in sports and business environments, though there are other styles of coaching that bring greater value.


Emotional Well Being And Self Awareness Develop Through Good Coaches

Transformational coaching sees the coach support the client through change and growth as they rewrite their reality into the dream or vision they have.

With transformational coaching everything is examined, and anything which can change in order to bring positive growth towards the core vision is explored. As such this type of coaching practice ploughs very deeply through a person’s life and brings wide ranging change.

It matches very well with techniques including neuro linguistic programming and Time-Line Therapy, which can be used to clear out old problems that are holding clients back.

Transformational coaching is incredibly good for all manner of relationship issues, and can bring about fulfillment in a very deep way for those being coached in this way.


A Good Life Coaching Session Using NLP Can Clean Up Many Problems

Holistic coaching views situations and clients from far wider viewpoints than other styles of coaching usually do. As an example, most business coaches will only discuss things about a person’s work, and many relationship coaches will only discuss things about a person’s relationships.

With holistic coaching when a client has an issue with their relationship, all factors that impact will be explored. It could well be something do do with work that has led to the presenting problem, and dealing with that work issue solves the issue with the relationship.

Holistic coaching takes the view that everything is connected, and thus challenges in different areas of life may need addressing in order to actually overcome the core problem. As such, this style of coaching can be beneficial for those wanting to improve relationships.

What Are The Five Rules Of Coaching?

Mindset Breakthroughs Come From Expertise Asking The Right Questions

Whatever you’re having coaching for, and whatever type of coaching you are getting, the following things are important for the achievement of successful outcomes:

Building Trust And Rapport

Rapport building is essential for every coach. Without rapport and trust, clients will resist change, and thus fail to get the results they desire. As a coach it is thus vital to know how to get someone to like you fast, and then both build and maintain that trust.

Active Listening

Internal And External Coaches Vary Greatly In Coaching Quality

Careful note is needed as to what clients are telling their coaches. From the NLP communication model only 7% of communication comes from the words themselves. 55% of communication comes from physiology, a.k.a. body language, and the rest being tone of voice. This is most notable when you think about things like sarcasm, you can say the same thing, in terms of specific wording, in a number of different ways, some will come across as genuine, others as sarcastic. Equally well, tone of voice and physiology alter how confidence is perceived in what is being said.

Good coaches must listen very carefully, and pick up on visual cues as well, in order to find the core issues affecting their clients, and then guide them through to successful resolutions.

Goal Setting

A Good Coach Helps Clients Achieve All Future Relationship Goals

There are goals to everything. Unless an end point is desired, most things are pointless.

For some people, that goal is getting rid of emotional issues, thus transformational coaching is good. For others, attracting their perfect life partner, and then building a beautiful long lasting relationship is the goal. Coaches need to understand what their clients want before coaching sessions begin. Then, as time progresses, help their clients refine things or alter them as new information and mindset transformations occur, such that they can get the result they desire.

Goal setting is a very fixed thing, with varying levels of depth to the activity, and varying levels of success as a result. The NLP coaching paradigm for goal setting is incredibly powerful, and incorporates the use of Time-Line Therapy to produce incredible results.

Constructive Feedback

Unlike Coaching Use Of Training And Mentoring Rarely Solves Problems

There are times when being blunt about things is necessary, the vast majority of the time use of constructive feedback brings the best results.

Being able to frame things positively help to keep clients motivated on their path, while also helping to establish a more positive mindset that will help to bring better results due to the law of attraction.

A Strengths-Based Approach

Self Discovery Achieved With A Good Coach Can Change Views On Partners

Helping people build strengths is key to helping them achieve success, regardless of what success they are seeking.

Mitigating negatives is important too. Most people build up a variety of limiting decisions and from them limiting beliefs over time. Coupled with stored up negative emotions, this brings a huge scope for what can cause problems in a person’s life, career, skillset, relationships, family, and everything else.

Dealing with limiting decisions and beliefs can turn things that had been problematic into strengths. It can also release the shackles that had been restraining some strengths from achieving their greatest heights. This is where transformational and holistic coaching can both bring immense power to the clients on the receiving end of them. By going through everything with a view that all is connected, and seeking transformational mindset change in order to bring about the best results, incredible, magical, things become entirely possible.

Weaknesses can become strengths, and strengths can become stronger.

How Does Coaching Benefit Finding Love And Relationship Building?

Life Coaching Can Be Good For Relationships Providing NLP Is Used

In that mindset is everything, and that relationships revolve around how personalities, i.e. mindsets, interact, coaching can bring serious benefit to those seeking the right partner, and wanting to build a healthy relationship with a foundation of true love.

There are several distinct ways, in terms of relationship stages, that coaching can help people:

With the right coaching skills, a successful coach can help clients bring the law of attraction to work in their favor more effectively too.

For the best results with all these things, successful coaching focuses on personal growth as a means to reaching that person’s full potential, and thus manifest their dreams and goals.

Personal Development Is Core To Achieving The Best In Relationships

Personal Change Enables Healthy Love To Flourish In Relationships

Whatever coaching approach is being used, it is improvement that brings results.

In that the client’s mindset is core to every result they achieve, creating mindset change is the path to creating fulfillment.

Coaching Relationships Fulfills More Vs Focusing On Professional Lives

The coaching role is leading and motivating the desire for change so that goals can be achieved with minimal resistance. While much of the development will be done with the coach, there are gaps between coaching sessions during which things can happen. As such, clients need to come to the choice to maintain a level of ongoing self improvement between sessions, so that their progress can be consistent.

A key point to be aware of is how coaching and mentoring differ, while coaching inspires answers from with the client, mentoring is basically telling them what to do and can be very limited in its capacity for success as a result. Basically, everyone is different, with differing mindsets. While one approach can work incredibly well for one person, for another person who has different strengths and weaknesses that same approach will usually produce lesser results. Ergo, coaching people into the best approach for them brings far more effective change than just telling them what worked for someone else. Granted, for certain simple things, mentoring can be useful. For integrative issues that are complex in nature and functioning at a higher level of importance, coaching is best to help develop the person in the way they need.

Effective Coaches Drive Personal Growth So It Magnetizes Success

Evidence Based Coaching Uses Feedback To Improve Results

Every successful coach, i.e. one who really helps their clients get the best results, regardless of whether they’re doing career development, sport coaching, coaching leadership as an executive coach, or coaching relationship attraction and improvement, works to amplify the distinctive features that will make that person excel in the way they wish to.

Development can be general or targeted, with both being necessary to achieve the right results in most instances.

An interesting point that comes from this is the dichotomy that there both are, and are not, right answers.

Strong coaching cultures work with this vital information, and using good communication skills ensure that clients understand it too. Pursuing right answers can often lead to what is effectively, if not actually, episodes of mental illness. It’s through working with the inner game that coaching helps people best, helping them find answers which work well for them, if if those things would be less functional for others.

Be Prepared For Coaching Conversations To Go Into Challenging Memories

A follow up on this point is that there are very definitely right questions that every good coach should be asking. Many of those questions being best framed through communication skills shaped by neuro linguistic programming models of communication.

There are times when questions transcend answers in terms of importance.

A single right question, without any need for an answer, can shape the future in an incredible way. Largely because of how it can bring positive mindset change, and enhance how they set goals, making them more effective. Thus helping each client magnetize success more easily. Making things like attracting and choosing a life partner far easier.

Finding The Right Professionally Trained Coach To Work With

Every Coaching Business Works Differently Choose The Best For You

The coaching industry is huge, it has grown massively, and every coach has their own way of doing things, plus their own level of effectiveness. Working from recommendations is often wise, though sometimes impossible.

Getting an initial coaching session, a complimentary one, so you can spend time getting to know your potential coach, and build knowledge of how coaching with them will create the benefit you’re seeking is worth doing. Most good coaches will happily organize such sessions, in part because for the best results both the coach and the client have to get along well, i.e. they need to like each other and have good rapport.

Coaching Expands Love As Well As Personal And Professional Growth

Coaching has the capacity to completely transform lives. With the right coach facilitating mindset change using coaching techniques from neuro linguistic programming, people can shift from failure to success in very short periods of time. A good coach never needs to be a member of a big organization, often the best coaches work independently. For anyone wondering where to start checking for the right coach, Marriage Matching recommends Online Coaching Coach.

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