Relationship coaching can be incredibly good when it comes to empowering love lives and romantic relationships, especially if you have hit challenges and what to enjoy being together again.

While some choose to have help from a relationship coach while they are dating, most of the time it is those who have been together for some time who seek help. That said, working with relationship coaches is something that can benefit couples who are facing problems, though still love, or care for, each other, and want to build a deeper connection to reignite things.

Romantic Relationships Flourish More With Help From A Relationship Coach

A Good Relationship Coach Has Vital Skills That Can Resurrect Relationships

This type of coaching is very powerful for married couples, and those who are co-habiting or living apart and wanting to get back the magic they once felt. It does tend to push people out of their comfort zone, though it is incredibly worthwhile if you have issues you wish to resolve with your partner, and you can both agree to give it 100% commitment. While a dating coach will help you on your journey to finding the right partner, your relationship coach will help you repair, empower and strengthen a relationship you wish to maintain.

Relationship Coaching Provides A Great Example Of How A Marriage Can Be Saved

Relationship Coaching Helping Couples Build A More Satisfying Relationship Or Marriage

What Is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching is all about repairing, rebuilding, and empowering. It allows you and your partner to clear issues that are unresolved, potentially never even discussed, in a healthy manner.

What Does A Relationship Coach Do?

Sessions Of Relationship Coaching Help Clients Achieve Better Relationships

A relationship coach facilitates sessions where couples can clear the air in through healthy communication. As each partner unburdens themselves of challenges they see with their relationship, or their partner, their coach helps the two of them to then navigate safely and smoothly through to a solution which helps them make the relationship stronger together.

It is rare for a good relationship coach to be unable to help sort out relationship challenges. Though there can be times where the best course of action is for the couple to split, due to total incompatibility, and from there find partners that they are properly compatible with.

While relationship advice can sometimes be given, top relationship coaches will help draw solutions out of couples themselves. In a sense, this does mean that good relationship coaches are doing couples therapy, though they do it in a way where the couple create solutions, and healing themselves. Through this kind of personal growth work, relationship coaching helps couples grow together in ways that may never have happened without a guiding hand.

Relationship Coach Vs. Dating Coach

A Dating Coach And A Relationship Coach Have Very Different Purposes

Relationship coaches and dating coaches do very different things.

The core difference is that while a dating coach will help you on your dating journey, and to find your ideal partner. A relationship coach will help you and your partner to keep your relationship on track, and heal any challenges which come up.

As A Relationship Coaching Client How Will My Coach Help Me?

A Good Relationship Coach Sets Action Oriented Tasks To Help Clients

Relationship coaches are there to help couples to streamline how they are together, forming truly healthy relationships.

As a client, your relationship coach will talk through issues that are causing challenges to you and your partner. With each session they dig into issues, unearthing things which you and your partner may never have realized where causing problems. Then helping you both to discuss them using healthy communication skills, so that resolution can be attained.

In a way, this can be very similar to life coaching, which is highly advisable for many people before they start searching for a life partner.

Life Coaching Vs. Relationship Coaching

The difference being that with life coaching, your coach works one on one with you. Whereas in relationship coaching, your coach works with you as a couple, resolving both of your issues at the same time.

A Relationship Coach Works With Clients Together A Life Coach Works With A Single Client

Should I Get Life Coaching Or Relationship Coaching To Help Me With Relationship Issues?

This very much depends on how issues are arising.

There can be times when one person is very much at ease, and the other is constantly seeing issues, and feeling insecure. At such times, life coaching can be a good route forward. With the life coach helping the client to overcome issues of low self esteem which cause them to sense problems, and feel insecure. It can be that their partner loves them very much, and is completely supportive. However, due to how low self esteem, anxiety and insecurity work, the person feeling those things believes there are problems where there are not. In such cases, life coaching is very much worthwhile.

Should I Use A Relationship Coach Or A Marriage Coach To Help Heal My Marriage?

A relationship coach and a marriage coach should do the same thing.

They differ mainly in their titles, which also indicate their focus. Naturally, a marriage coach will work in principle with married couples. Whereas a relationship coach will help whether couples are married or not.

What Sort Of Relationship Coaching Certification Do I Need To Check For?

While some relationship coaches are members of the International Coaching Federation, not all are. Indeed, most of the best relationship coaches are not members, they have other certifications in things like Neuro Linguistic Programming which help them to get to the root of couples challenges with ease, and having built good reputations have little need for federations and associations.

Psychology, Behavioral Psychology And Neuro Linguistic Programming

Training In Neuro Linguistic Programming Is Vital For Good Relationship Coaching

The reality is while no actual certification or training is required for doing this type of coaching, those with a strong background in psychology, behavioral psychology, or Neuro Linguistic Programming, are best equipped when it comes to helping couples grow stronger together due to the vital skills they have regarding mindset.

Note Well: Mindset Does Change At Various Times In Life Affecting Relationships To Varying Degrees

Core values change with different life events and stages, in terms of relationships, values can change when dating, as things become more serious, upon marriage, after having kids, when kids move out, and on retirement. Plus other events can influence them too.

Most people will have a dating mindset, which shifts into a different way of thinking forming a relationship mindset.

Relationship Challenges Are Mostly The Result Of Mindset Issues Usually On An Unconscious Level

As such making it very important to have a relationship coach that can help clients navigate the depths of their mindset in the most advantageous and beneficial way possible. Naturally, alongside the navigation, they also need to be able to help them heal any issues that are found, and skills must be in place for doing so too. Thus helping couples achieve their relationship goals together effectively.

Almost every couple has a unique situation, at least on some level. Having a relationship coach that can tailor their approach to yours is vital.

How Will A Coach Help Me Build A Healthy Relationship With My Partner?

When you have a good relationship coach, with a quality process and the right techniques, then relationship coaching can change the paradigm of a relationship in numerous very positive ways.

Good Relationship Coaches Help Couples Create A Better Marriage

6 Vital Things Relationship Coaches Work On With Clients From The First Session

Active Listening

Many people hear what is being said, or part of it, though rarely listen properly, and fully understand the communication which is being shared.

Communication Skills Are Vital For Healthy Relationships
Learn To Communicate Well And Share Emotional Support For A Satisfying Relationship

It’s a pure statement of fact. Poor communication is a very common cause for breakdown and loss of rapport between couples. So Many coaches will begin with getting couples into the habit of active listening from the first session, as this forms a foundation for regaining trust, and rebuilding relationships.

Some relationship coaches who have good Neuro Linguistic Programming skills will share some of the NLP communication model with their clients. Teaching them how to pick up on physiological cues, shifts in tone of voice, plus cues on of words by partners.

By Delving Into Communication Skills Deeply Much Can Be Done To Resolve Relationship Issues

Something which affects a great many couples is feeling heard. Often one partner, though sometimes both, struggles to feel heard. Regardless of what’s said, or done, they often end up feeling that their partner did not listen, or just ignored them. The issue around being heard is a serious one, over time is wears down self esteem, causing re-evaluation of the self, and the belief that they are unloved, which often extends into feelings of worthlessness, and being unlovable.

It can be a relatively easy issue to solve, the best solution being for both partners to listen to each other properly.

Your Relationship Coach Should Provide Training On How To Communicate Better

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution runs very closely with communication skills and how effectively couples listen to each other.

Conflict is often due to poor communication. Granted there are times when people do something which is completely objectionable, in a manner that comes as a surprise. That is something else, though it still requires communication to resolve, and for forgiveness to become possible.

The first appointment is usually a key one for conflict resolution. Things are often very close to the surface, which can be helpful, as it enables them to be dealt with more easily. Also, provided both people are genuinely wanting to be there, rather than just appeasing one another, then resolutions can be found with a degree of ease.

Your Relationship Coach Helps You Process And Resolve Conflict

When things are more far gone, with one person being there resistantly, or if they believe the other is the problem and they themselves are perfect, things can become challenging.

To successfully work through issues, especially with conflict resolution, both partners must be involved in the relationship coaching process of their own free will, and with an open mind as to causes and solutions.

Whilst it is the job of the relationship coach to help the couple navigate changes and develop a fulfilling partnership, that job becomes impossible unless each client comes in with an open heart, and an open mind.

Rebuild Trust

Trust is a decision.

It is a decision which holds a great deal of emotional charge. Once trust is lost, the process of rebuilding it varies by person. For some, depending on the perceived infringement, it can be rebuilt very easily, plus relatively quickly.

For others, rebuilding trust can be very slow, and painful.

Trust impacts on a very wide array of elements of relationships, notably, when trust slips away, support for intimacy can disappear. How this manifests varies by individual, with emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy all being affected on different levels for different people. Some may shut down sexually, though retain other types of intimacy. Others will shut down emotionally and spiritually, though remain open sexually. None of these are healthy outcomes.

There Is No Training For Marriage It Takes Practice And Dedication To Be Healthy
Romantic Relationships Need Trust In Order To Be Functional And Healthy

Every client must feel support from each other, plus be open to create intimacy on some level again, so that trust can re-establish. Rebuilding trust takes a degree of bravery, there is never any guarantee that trust will be honored, hence why many romantic relationships break up after infidelity, the assumption lingers that it would happen again.

People do change though, and having gone through shock events, or having realized the value of what they have, and what they actually want, loyalty can come back stronger than ever before.

Good relationship coaches are invaluable when it comes to helping couples with rebuilding trust.

Shared Vision

With the right person, couples share their vision of future life, and how they wish to live in the here and now.

This is something that is talked about in the how to find your ideal life partner top 10 factors blog post.

People can change over time, new goals arise, new desires for lifestyle and work come through to. This can cause what were once shared visions, to cease being shared.

When people develop very different desires for life, staying together becomes challenging. Though even with certain differences, an overall vision can be shared which works for both. Good relationship coaches work with their clients to establish the groundwork, then develop it into something compelling that both people wish to enjoy together.

Many Couples In Marriage Look For A Healthier Example To Inspire Them

Feel Loved

That core feeling of being loved is what every relationship coach strives to reconnect their clients with.

Feeling loved is often the summation of various factors, with things like being heard, trust, mutual vision of life, and absence of conflict being important. Intimacy can be a factor too, it can also be that intimacy only comes after the feeling of being loved has been established.

Most good coaches will get clients to share recognition around micro points of feeling loved. Knitting things together with multiple points of support, so that the feeling can grow effectively. Thus enabling unification of each client into healthy couples again.

Any Marriage Can Successfully Work Given Careful Nurturing


There is an interesting dichotomy regarding intimacy.

Trust can be essential to intimacy, yet intimacy can be essential to trust too.

Relationship Coaching Helps Break Down Barriers To Intimacy

Essentially, there are often micro jumps on each side of the equation, a little intimacy brings a little trust. That increase in trust brings a little more intimacy.

Good relationship coaches will help clients to break down barriers, encouraging micro levels of intimacy, sharing inner thoughts often being one thing done. Holding hands can also help. As can open honest about dreams and goals for the future.

How Is Relationship Coaching Different From Couples Therapy?

Some experts assert that couples therapy implies that one or both people have something ‘wrong’ with them, often some form of mental illness, which requires a licensed psychotherapist to do therapeutic work to ‘heal’ them. Those same experts then asserting that coaching is for aspirational work, where people wish to grow and establish new goals.
A Top Relationship Coach Brings Elements Of Healing And Couples Therapy Into Sessions

Good Relationship Coaching Can Have Elements Of Therapy Involved

Depending on the relationship coach you work with, you may well have elements of therapy within each coaching session. Often healing is needed in order to overcome issues, before aspirational work can be successful.

When working with NLP relationship coaches, especially ones certified with Time-Line Therapy, relationship coaching and couples therapy tend to merge in together, in a way which is highly beneficial to clients.

Talk To Different Relationship Coaches Before Starting Coaching Sessions

Relationship Coaching Services Check Several Coaches Before Committing To One

As with personal trainers, and anyone running a private practice, it’s worthwhile talking with several coaches before making any decisions. The third or forth coach you talk to may be hands down better for you than other coaches you talked with previously.

Find a relationship coach both you and your other half enjoy talking with, meets your individual needs, and can communicate with easily. It makes a big differences to the flow of their relationship coaching services, and how your world changes around you as a result.

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