Enjoying a long lasting relationship, with the perfect life partner, is an incredibly rewarding experience for those who manage to achieve it.

Finding your perfect life partner, is what makes longer term relationships easy. There is a lot involved with finding that perfect someone, being in the right dating mindset is crucial, as is being in the right dating pool.

Developing the emotional connection needed to keep a relationship healthy in long term relationships takes a real commitment from both partners. Mental health has a governing hand in successful relationships, from the early stages all the way through. Having both heart and mindset in the right alignment is crucial every step of the way. This goes far beyond dating mindset, it needs truly shared values and beliefs, plus effective communication with the right life partner for success to be possible.

With those things in place, and being well maintained, everyday life can be full of love and happiness in long term relationships. Which creates a level of fulfillment that few other things can compete with.

Long Term Relationships Require Hard Work And Nurture So Love Flows

Having A Successful Long Term Relationship Is All About Your Mindset And Being With The Right Partner

How To Find A Long-Term Relationship

To Make Your Relationship Last Marry The Right Person To Begin With

To find the right partner for a lifelong relationship requires looking in the right place.

For some people, they are fortunate, and find that person while they are at school growing up. They make friends, realize how similar they are, feel that incredible alignment, and the spark of true love ignites carrying them into a blissful life together.

For other people, a great deal more searching is required, and it can come much later in life as a result.

Honest Communication Helps Keep Your Relationship Alive

Long Term Relationships And The Right Dating Pool

How long a relationship lasts is a function of compatibility.

When couples lack compatibility, they usually break up relatively quickly. This is the territory where people often get find that their date just stops communicating, and the have to deal with being ghosted.

When couples are properly aligned, they actively wish to stay together, for as long as possible. They will compromise on the little things where needed, though often find their is little need for compromise as their thinking is so well matched.

Finding that right partner is all about being in the right dating pool.

When your usual social activities, or choice of dating apps is coming up dry, or just flat out bringing the wrong type of person for you, then new approaches are needed.

As a note, mindset is also something which can affect your results in any dating pool. When you have limiting beliefs, and your own core values for relationships and other things are out of alignment with your dream lifestyle, then getting coaching help to prepare for a relationship would be wise.

Make Your Relationship Last By Keeping Feelings Strong And Positive

Finding The Right Partner So You Can Easily Keep A Long Term Relationship Alive

For those people who struggle with finding their ideal spouse or life partner, getting professional help is what often transforms their situation.

The Best Options For Help Finding The Right Partner For Life
  • A good marriage agency
  • A good professional matchmaker
  • A good introductions service

Note well the use of good before all these things. There are varying qualities of professionals, with different standards of service, and varying levels of experience. When you are getting professional help to find lasting true love, you must get the best possible help. A good introductions service can shave years off the time taken searching for the right partner.

There are of course other diverse options within these things, many people search for an international matchmaker, or even a Japanese marriage agency, depending on their preferences, especially when they’re seeking a certain cultural fit, with key values aligned with how they wish to raise a family.

It’s worth taking time, ideally with a notebook, and reflecting on what you really want from life, and your ideal partner. Develop that idea in as much depth as possible, then start doing research into who can best help you find that right person.

Once you have the right help, finding that person should be relatively quick. Then it is on to developing your relationship to the point that you decide marriage, or a civil partnership, is right for you both.

How To Maintain A Long-Term Relationship

Couples Make Their Relationship Last For As Long As They Work On It

Maintaining relationships takes effort, and good communication. That said, when you have the right partner, keeping your relationship alive is far easier. Compatibility is the key to success.

How To Have A Lasting Relationship

There are certain attributes that are vital for compatibility and relationship success, they are the same for creating long term harmony, and for how to choose a life partner.

Specifically For Lasting Love Choose Someone Who:

  • Shares passions or hobbies
  • Shares your vision for the future
  • Shares your values who you can adapt with
  • Compassion and forgiveness
  • Shows and feels love like you do
  • You will feel attraction with long term
  • Has good communication skills
  • You can enjoy mutual commitment with
  • You respect and who respects you
  • You will have mutual stability with

These things are all core to relationship stability, the better the match between you, the more successful your relationship will be.

When these things are absent, it’s all too easy to descend into a toxic relationship, which will result in both of you being unhappy. Get the foundations right, and build from a position of strength. If all you have is physical attraction, you will likely find your relationship means little as time goes on, looks can fade and tastes can change. When you have psychological compatibility, it’s far easier to stay attracted long term.

When you have psychological attraction, and physical attraction, that puts your relationship in the magic territory for being lifelong with ease.

Partners Must Share Good Feelings For A Loving Lasting Relationship

How To Make A Long Lasting Relationship Work

Keeping stability and harmony is the key to making a relationship work long term.

Much of stability and harmony comes from your core compatibility, if that’s low, then challenge will come, frequently.

Good communication is vital, and learning techniques such as neuro linguistic programming helps improve relationships in incredible ways. Only around 9% of communication is the actual words used, the rest goes on tone of voice and physiology, or body language. Understanding what your partner is truly saying when you’re speaking can save a lot of arguments, and stress.

You have to be able to share things through open communication, especially emotions and thoughts, in a non-judgmental way. Be aware of what each of you are thinking. Discuss desires, hopes and dreams. Plus reach agreement on all these things and more. Mutual respect is a big part of this too, hence why it’s one of the 10 core things for choosing a life partner.

There’s only joy in a relationship when you put it there.

When you stop working together, that joy will disappear, interest will be lost on both sides. Often leading to each person starting to watch and wait on the other.

To make things work long term, build trust every step of the way. Be honest with each other, always. Support each other in all things, forgiving when mistakes are made. Remembering to keep healthy relationship boundaries, reinforcing them as necessary. Adapting them as appropriate.

The best results, happiness and love, come when you co-author your life together.

Long Lasting Relationships Are Built On Honesty And Open Communication

How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work Long Term

To make a long distance relationship work, honest communication is vital.

When you’re together you can holds hands and enjoy all the non-verbal interaction which builds relationships. When you’re apart you have to focus everything into open communication and talk about things to build your relationship effectively.

When you’re physically apart, in different cities, or half way around the world, start video dating so you can keep things building healthily.

If you have any doubts about long distance relationships working, and their ability to turn into something long term, then stop. From our office in Osaka we work with clients around the world, over six different continents, helping them find partners in different countries, and establish relationships that transform into happy loving marriages.

Long distance can work and evolve into a fulfilling long term marriage, you just have to have the right mindset, then put in the effort, in order for it to work. For many people starting off long distance can be incredibly good, it focuses them on getting to know each other and communicate more deeply, rather than getting physical early on. As such, they find out more quickly about how right they are for each other, with love building more effectively as a result.

Healthy Tips For Long Lasting Relationships

A Healthy Relationship Means You Spend Time Building A Happy Life

There are a great many things which influence your ability to share a happy life together, much of it revolves around communication, specifically communicating clearly and compassionately with your spouse or partner. Plus of course the mindset alignment side of things. There are however various other relationship tips which make a long lasting relationship healthier and more successful.

Six Tips On How To Stay In A Relationship For A Long Time And Be Happy

1 Own mistakes when you make them.

Be honest about it, these things should be shared, with apologies being sincere and genuine. Equally well, when your partner makes mistakes, be kind to them. Naturally there is a range to things, with healthy boundaries being vital. Keeping out of the blame game is wise though. Things happen, people make mistakes. Deal with it maturely, see a relationship coach or a family therapist if things are really bad, otherwise just acknowledge, adapt and move on.

2 Have a regular date night, or date day.

Expand this into a date weekend where possible. Even when you have a family, keeping time set aside for dates is important. Relationships as with everything else need regular attention and maintenance in order to remain healthy. Do things you both enjoy, then from time to time do things more focused on your partner, then balance off with things you will enjoy more too.

3 When conflict arises, deal with it.

Listen to each other, calmly. Consider things carefully before you respond. Arguments worsen situations due to the emotional charge which gets in behind words and meanings. When you can stay calm, things can generally be dealt with far more easily and effectively. From your first fight on through, learn to be calmer, removing emotion from conflict, so you can overcome it more easily each time. Conflict rarely stops, you can make it more manageable though.

4 Discuss your future on a regular basis.

Once a week, once a month. Put time aside and share with each other anything you wish to work on for the future, be it holidays, changes to living arrangements, thoughts about careers and work changes, everything that can impact your life together, ideally in a positive manner.

5 Speak lovingly to each other.

Respect and kindness go a long way in both building and maintaining rapport. Tying the knot and getting married is never reason to stop making an effort. Like any living thing, your relationship is organic and needs care so it can grow and flourish properly.

6 Do things to encourage positive mental health.

Whether you get coaching separately, start doing meditation and personal development together, or something else, looking after your mental health makes it easier to have a long lasting relationship that’s loving and good.

Looking After Your Mental Health Keeps Relationships Healthy Long Term

What A Healthy Relationship Needs To Be Successful Long Term

Spend time together, quality time.

Many relationships end in break up because one partner feels neglected, much of which comes from lack of quality time together.

Relationships can be hard work at times, they need action and attention from those in them. Everyone loves the fun and easiness when times are good, you should expect to do more, put in more energy and commitment, be more supportive, when challenge comes. Challenge can come from a family member, work changes, financial pressures, moving house, plus much more. Seek solutions together where possible, again having good communication helps here.

Share your feelings, and be open to helping your partner process their thoughts and feelings too. Naturally, there comes a point at which a coach or therapist would be wise. Being your spouse’s therapist is rarely wise, it can shift your relationship dynamic in a very unhealthy way. When things concern both of you, talk openly about them, keeping eye contact as much as possible. When you’re in it for the long haul, sharing things so you know each other’s state of mind, will help your relationship last and be empowered.

Talk with each other first when something is the matter, only talk with friends or family when you are having serious trouble sorting something out. When you are having serious issues, talking with a good family therapist will likely produce better results then friends or family. In part this is an issue of trust. When someone continually goes behind their partner’s back to talk about them with others, it can come across very negatively in many ways. It is also about getting the best result possible, and most friends and family members lack the knowledge of the situation, along with good enough understanding of psychology to yield quality help.

I Want A Long-Term Relationship!

Seek Only True Love When Looking For A Long Lasting Relationship

When you know that you want a long lasting relationship, especially marriage, the first thing to do is to get your mindset healthily aligned with your desires. While you may think it’s all good, it is seriously work talking with a good coach for anything lurking in the background, especially when you have been through a few relationships. There will be things in your unconscious mind that you’re unaware of.

Once your mindset is properly aligned with your desires, it’s all about getting in the right dating pool.

If you have been getting into social setting to meet people, though meeting the wrong people, or flat out being unable to meet anyone right, then change things up. Work out who you are looking for, and if your lifestyle is incompatible with theirs, then change your lifestyle. For example, when you’re seeking someone calm and caring, then going to places like bars and clubs may be less effective. Getting into new social circles might be wise. Or getting professional help with introductions so you can go right to potential matches who are your ideal type.

Getting Professional Help From A Good Matchmaker Or Marriage Agency

Marriage Can Come From The Right Long Distance Relationship

Matchmaking is a time proven way of finding the right partner, especially for marriage.

Getting introductions from professional matchmakers enables people to hone in very quickly on the right person, then get married, forming a long lasting relationship very quickly, and removing much of the fuss that lots of people find themselves going through.

When working with a good marriage agency, most people find their ideal partner within around 6 – 12 months. If your looking for an example of successful couples who’ve formed long lasting relationships then check these success stories.

When you are serious about finding a long lasting relationship, get your mindset properly aligned, then get yourself in the right dating pool to find your ideal match. Getting professional help is often wise as it makes finding that perfect partner so much easier.

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