How to be a better partner? Most often this involves personal growth, and at the very least developing the ability to have truly open and honest communication with your partner. Often there are elements of knowing how to control and process your own emotions, while also being able to handle those of your partner more effectively too. There is a huge depth to the number of ways you can be a better partner, though personal growth is realistically at the heart of all of them.

Good healthy relationships bring fulfillment and satisfaction like nothing else. Yet that level of intimate relationship only comes through two distinct points.

  • True compatibility
  • Working together to be better partners

While a huge amount is achieved by having proper compatibility, working together is often essential. Not least because over time people change. Every day there are things which happen, observations, events, all of which create mindset change to a greater or lesser degree. Hence why working together, and going through personal growth, honing that edge so you can be better partners, is so important.

Being A Great Partner Is Easier With Core Compatibility

Compatibility is a core thing, it comes from shared values and beliefs, these things can change over time, though nothing is certain. Working together helps you ensure you are both on the same page, that you are doing things like sharing quality time together, using preferred love languages effectively, plus most importantly communicating effectively. These are simple basics, there is a lot more which helps you ensure that you are on the path to maintaining a quality relationship, and even developing a great relationship.

Being A Better Partner And Having A Truly Healthy Relationship Usually Involves Personal Growth

What Makes Someone A Good Partner?

Self Awareness Is A Vital Quality For Every A Good Partner
Good partners harmonize.

As such, someone is a good partner when they are naturally attentive to a level that is pleasing to both themselves and their partner, respectful, compassionate, open and clear with their communication, and generally looks after their partner.

Every Successful Romantic Relationship Requires Commitment

This is something that goes both ways, it is impossible to be a good partner in a one sided or dysfunctional relationship. Being a good partner can come from the early stages with any romantic partner, and is advised as it builds rapport while also setting the tone for relationship success. When people treat each other well, then the best results become possible.

While good partners do sometimes just intrinsically know what each other want, and then find solutions that create fulfillment for both, more often than not communication is the root of being a good partner. Good partners communicate, check with each other, and work together to overcome challenges, and find ways to make the best of every situation, so that they can be happier and feel more loved together.

How Do I Be A Better Partner In My Relationship?

Spending Quality Time Together Should Never Be Confined To Date Night

There is a near infinite number of possible responses to the question “how do i be a better partner in my relationship?” This is based on the fact that everyone has their own distinct personality, mindset, and way of being. When these things merge together relationships get very diverse variation. There are however some very common points which enable advice to be narrowed down.

One thing which is generally core to everything, from experience helping many people find good marriage partners, is that almost everyone specifies finding someone who is kind, loyal and faithful.

Learn Your Partner’s Love Language And Communicate Better

In addition, good communication, understanding of preferred love languages, and how much time you spend together along with how you spend it are points where easy wins can come. For other points it is often worth getting professional help as situations can be very complex and need contextual information for a healthy way forward to be found.

Sometimes Being A Good Partner Means Getting Support To Process

When things are challenging, and there are issues to do with how you each view your relationship, and the future, then getting relationship coaching can be extremely wise. When you are facing a fundamental struggle internally, and need help processing your own thoughts and feelings, then getting individual coaching is likely best.

Overall Points Of Advice For Key Relationship Situations

How Can I Be A Better Man To My Partner?

This largely depends on what your partner’s issue really is. It could be that they are seeking for you to:

  • Provide more financially
  • Protect them
  • Get physically healthier and stronger
  • Comfort them and be an emotional rock of support
  • Remain faithful and honest
  • Take the lead

There are various other possibilities. The best course of action is getting direct clarity from them, through clear, open communication, as to exactly what they want or need.

Unless you have a direct understanding of what they’re thinking, you are at best guessing. It might be an educated guess, it’s still a guess though. When you know exactly what they want and mean, then you can address the situation effectively.

Change brings challenges to relationships, because people fall in love with who their partner is when they’re falling in love with them. When you create change, you risk diverging from who they fell in love with. So having clarity on exactly what your partner needs, helps to minimize risk of relationship breakdown.

While better communication, effective use of love languages, being more loving both physically and emotionally, plus spending quality time are often hugely beneficial in terms of being a better man to your partner, there could be other issues which you need to be aware of in order to get the right results.

How Can I Be A Better Woman To My Partner?

A lot of men are looking for a traditional relationship and marriage. While some men do desire a strong independent woman, most men are looking for a loving partner who will:

  • Look after them
  • Be supportive
  • Be feminine
  • Listen and advise without judgment
  • Stay in good physical shape
  • Be positive and caring
  • Be loyal and devoted

There is diversity to what men want. While some do want a wife who will look after the home, doing all the chores and bringing up the kids, while they go out and earn a living to provide for the family, other men want to do certain thing around the home, or share the chores equally.

For A Healthy Relationship Communication Must Be Open And Honest

For a healthy relationship to be possible, you need to know what your partner is thinking, and what they want, if you wish to adapt and be a better woman for your partner. Your partner most likely is not a mind reader, and likely never will be. Language like, “If you loved me you would know” is never helpful, and often just damages relationships by breaking rapport. Kindness and clarity can do huge amounts for relationships. When you can inspire your partner, you will likely create a far more loving relationship, find out what he thinks is missing in an honest conversation, share ideas, then make and agreement and take action to build that better relationship.

How To Be A Better Partner In A Long-Distance Relationship

At Marriage Matching we support a lot of long distance relationships, being a Japanese marriage agency that does international matchmaking, and has an Omiai, or introduction service for foreigners, we are well versed in long distance relationships.

Three Things Core To Making A Long Distance Relationship Work
  • Reliability
  • Quality time
  • Good communication

Always be on time when you are doing video dating or doing voice only calls, it shows you care and value your partner. When you’re meeting regularly, in person, these things can be overlooked in favor of other points of proof. When you are long distance, they become far more important to maintaining a healthy relationship.

Schedule a good length of time for video dates and calls. This helps you get into deeper conversations, which is important so you can build and maintain proper awareness of each other, while also showing that you prioritize your partner over other things in life.

Good communication is vital as well, in that physical touch becomes an impossibility when you are far apart distance wise.

Never Think Only Of Your Own Needs In A Relationship
Have An Agreement For When You Will Be Together In Person And The Future

Long distance relationships only work for as long as both partners have faith in their situation. When a situation is indefinite, it becomes very challenging to keep waiting to be together. Granted, some people have little concern over physical touch and connection, instead drawing all their satisfaction from psychological interaction together. Most people do however wish to be with their partner, ideally living together.

For this reason it is good to have an agreement, which is stuck to, regarding meeting in person, and the future. When there are clear reasons, and understood periods of time, plus a good foundation of true love, then weathering the challenges of distance becomes relatively easy. Without definite points, which have been communicate openly and agreed upon, there comes a point when hope fades and people move on. So when you know someone is right, or have a good feeling they are, communicate with them and create an agreement about time and being together in person.

How To Be A Better Partner When You’re Depressed

In 2021 approximately 8.3% of adults (18 years old or over) in the U.S. experienced an episode of major depressive disorder, when taken as a breakdown for male and female population this came out as around 10.3% of women and 6.2% of men. The condition can take a big toll on relationships, often as both partners want to be happy and healthy, though at times there can seem little opportunity for change.

The best thing you can do to be a better partner when you’re depressed is talk to a therapist, or get help from a good coach, be they a mindset coach or life coach, who can help you overcome the root cause of your depression. Getting rid of the root cause, and by extension the issue, is far healthier than masking it over through use of substances whatever their type.

How To Be A Better Fiance

The Dartmouth life change index scale ranks Weddings as number seven on its list, with an impact score of 50 out of 100. Wedding, and the planning of them, can be very stressful events. While people going through a stressful event are less likely to become physically unhealthy, they are more likely to experience depression or anxiety. As such being a better fiance is wise as you and your partner have enough sources of stress without adding each other to the list.
In A Committed Relationship Being A Good Partner Is Key To Success
Important Characteristics To Work On
  • Clear communication
  • Understanding and compassion
  • Being forgiving and caring

Higher levels of supportiveness help couples build healthier relationships, especially during stressful times. One thing which can be especially helpful in the run up to a wedding, is keeping negative emotions out of wedding discussions. When you feel yourself getting angry, annoyed, or upset, take a moment, breathe, come back to a point of calm, then communicate clearly and in a relaxed manner so you can overcome the issue and gain agreement between you.

Committed Relationships Require Teamwork

In committed relationships you have to find ways to overcome challenges, together. Unless you work in unison, things becomes very one sided. While it can be good to take up the slack, and ease the burden for your partner at times, it should never be a constant. Help them through situations in ways that empower the relationship, rather than just doing things for them all the time. Yes, do do nice things for them, buying them flowers, and all the other wonderful things you can think of to say “I love you” while still ensuring that you build the relationship together.

Help with wedding planning, and forge your vision of the future together. When challenges come up, talk about them, find a path forward together.

How To Be The Best Partner

The best partners fulfill each others needs with ease, though in an interdependent way rather than a codependent one.

Being dependent on your partner is rarely a good thing, it usually results in people holding back feelings in a negative way, rather than growing as a couple together.

Being the best partner requires being independent, while making it very clear to your partner that you’re with them out of choice, because you love and care for them. When they know they are loved, that you are loyal, committed and honest with them, plus are choosing them to enjoy the journey of life with in a loving way, then you are being the best partner.

How Can I Improve Myself As A Partner?

A Good Partner Manages Their Own Emotions In A Healthy Relationship
You can become a better partner with relative ease, it just takes a little mindset change and adjustment.
Engage With Your Partner’s Feelings Mindfully

Self awareness forms a large portion of being the best partner, knowing yourself and being mindful of your own behavior, while picking up on and reacting appropriately to your partner’s feelings at the same time.

Commit to spend quality time more often than just date night. You never need a dance class to bring you together, you just have to commit to enjoying each other’s company. Working through communicating more effectively using body language, eye contact, and using other equally important signals that help your partner understand that you love them.

Essentially, there are three core things which really benefit when you want to become a better partner.

Being More Attentive

Spend time focused on your partner when you are together. Checking things on your phone while you are together usually beaks rapport, and minds drift apart. Focus on who you are with, rather than other things that you believe need your attention. Respect is a huge part of being a good partner.

Every Intimate Relationship Needs Focus For True Love To Flow

When you focus on the person you’re with, it demonstrates you care, and that they’re your number one focus. Granted, the primary love language for some is receiving gifts, though they will likely still want to feel the center of your world when you’re together. Become a good listener when you’re spending time together, it’s an incredibly simple yet effective way to ensure you stay connected, even if you’re half a world away physically.

A Good Partner Will Never Make A Big Deal Out Of Small Differences
Improving Your Communication

Poor communication is what ends most relationships. As commented on in the article what is a toxic relationship and how to get out of one, across 75% of couples involved in a clinical study on divorce in the U.S., neglect was cited by at least one person in 94.4% of those couples. Getting communication right is essential to healthy relationships.

Work on having open and honest communication as your default, and being able to resolve conflict easily through discussion in a calm manner. This one thing can turn a bad relationship into a good relationship very rapidly. When people get together, it’s generally because there’s some level of attraction between them, when they understand each other and communicate well, then things become far more long lasting as the desire to be together greatly increases.

In contrast, when communication drops off, distance fills the gap, and partners drift apart.

Become a better listener, process your partner’s emotions and thoughts effectively, then communicate rather than just reacting.

Changing Your Mindset And Yourself

Changing your mindset is often the best path to success in anything. In relationships this translates into numerous things, not least improving your self esteem and becoming a better person in your own way. When you are your best self, then the best results flow to you as a matter of course. Different ideas and thoughts come through as well, yielding new opportunities for improving your own happiness and that of your partner too.

Personal development can be done in a number of ways, through books it can be years of study before any meaningful change. Courses yield somewhat better results, though are less focused on the direction of change than ideal for many people. One on one coaching, with a good coach who’s skilled in techniques such as neuro linguistic programming, and can help you remove and replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones, plus clear out old emotions, is the fastest and most effective way forward for most people. It brings very focused, accelerated growth to those who take that path.

Positive Mindset Change Also Helps Create Healthy Self Esteem

Mindset change brings about new perspectives, and when done well, better ways of dealing with different situations, whatever comes up. Coaching, and clearing out limiting beliefs, brings greater psychological flexibility, something which is useful when in a relationship as it helps you harmonize with your partner better. Plus it elevates healthy self love and esteem.

Changing Yourself Vs Finding The Right Partner

The Best Romantic Relationship Results Come From Core Compatibility

When you are with one partner, in a committed relationship, and things are unhealthy, changing yourself is one option and often worth doing. When you hit a point of changing so much that you wonder who you are anymore, then you are most likely with the wrong partner.

In Great Relationships Partners Love Each Other For Who They Are

As a marriage agency we see people of different cultures develop interest in each other, and come together to form wonderful loving marriage on a regular basis.

When you are being your best self, and you’re with someone who loves you for who you really are, then being the best partner comes very easily. Often things are most challenging when people are with the wrong person, that emotional and mental disconnect leading to psychological friction that creates discomfort. Of course, even with the right life partner there can be ups and downs, they are far easier to navigate smoothly and successfully together though.

Being A Good Romantic Partner Requires Mutual Deep Attraction

Building trust is an ongoing thing, for life. It is one of the foundations of building love. It’s also far easier to do when you’re with the right person. This is why matchmaking services are increasing in demand, because it is far easier to be a good partner when you have high compatibility, are attracted to your partner in all ways possible, and have the foundations for true love.

How To Be A Better Partner And Ensure You Have A Healthy Relationship

So for anyone wondering how to be a better partner, core compatibility is more important than you may think. The best relationships come from good compatibility, because upfront inspiration which forms the vast majority of resulting for love and affection flows more easily. When couples have poor compatibility things are more challenging. To be a great partner learn what your partner requires when you express love, so they can understand it easily, that is, learn your partner’s love language. Also, ensure they feel safe and have your support. All of which comes most easily when couples have shared values, beliefs and core compatibility.

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