Law of attraction work when done with proper focus and a clean mindset, can be incredibly effective, whether you are attracting your perfect life partner, or using it for anything else. The law of attraction is always at work, in the background most usually, yet when you have the right focus, and use it consciously, you gain far greater control over the results possible.

From experience working with both coaching and marriage agency clients, it is very noticeable how people’s mindset, and their alignment with their intended result, affects their ability to achieve success in anything they desire.

The most positive results, whether with marriage, relationships, business, career, or whatever, always comes from that foundation of a positive mindset, along with a distinct focus.

Those who have negative thoughts, and allow themselves to slide into negative patterns, bring more and more negative experiences to themselves. Thus blocking the results they desire consciously. Much of this can easily be traced back to limiting beliefs on the unconscious level. Something which can be very easily dealt with by a good professional coach, when the person is open to it.

For those who do have positive psychology, and keep themselves in positive thinking, with an unwavering desire, even in the face of serious challenges. Use of the law of attraction to reel in their desired results can both enhance those results, and bring them faster too.

The Law Of Attraction Helps Activate The Reticular Activation System In Your Brain To Attract Positive Outcomes For Things You Desire

Is The Law Of Attraction For Real?

Be A More Positive Person To Attract True Love And A Better Future

Scientifically it is very difficult to prove the law of attraction, due to the fact that the mechanics are on an energetic level deep within the mindset of a person. Evidence from those who are both successful and unsuccessful, does point to it being effective though.

As with almost all positive things, there is often dissent about reality and proof. What is notable is how many people have attributed their results to using the law of attraction. Usually they have gained various mental health benefits in addition to the core results they desired when they set their minds to work.

The best way to know how real, and how well it works, is to start using it and see the results for yourself. Take it seriously, follow the right advice, get your mindset optimized, and enjoy the added benefit of better health that comes from maintaining positive thinking as you go.

How Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

Shape Your Own Life Using Positive Energy To Attract The Right Partner

The law of attraction works largely due to the flow of energy as a result of focus.

The more you focus on something, the more you send energy and signals to your unconscious that you want that thing, be it your perfect life partner, or something else.

Your conscious mind is the part of your mindset which makes conscious, logical decisions. Your unconscious mind it the part of your mindset which makes things happen, whether than be regulating and causing your heart to beat, or assembling information and data that enables you to speak a language, or pursue a dream such as building a relationship or buying a house.

A section of the brain which is core to how all this works, and how it relates to the functionality of the law of attraction is the reticular activation system.

The Reticular Activation System

There’s a huge amount of functionality carried out within the brain, some of which is more easily traced than others. The reticular activation system (RAS) is a section of the reticular formation, which is within the anterior-most segment of the brainstem.

This part of the brain is commonly associated with the fight or flight response, it does a lot more though. It governs what you notice in the world around you, what comes to your attention, hence its role with the fight or flight response.

In governing what you notice, it does as a result govern certain elements of how you notice opportunities, and pathways to achieving results that you desire.

When you create a focus on something, regardless of what that is, your reticular activation system goes into action and brings related things to your attention on a conscious, and unconscious, level. From there it is about how well aligned your mindset is with the goals and dreams you have, how free you are from limiting decisions, and how seriously you are following through on your dreams and the various elements which make up the law of attraction.

What are the 3 laws of attraction?

There are three core laws which form the law of attraction:

What is the 1st Law of Attraction?

Well Being A Good Life And The Right Partner Require Similar Energy

The 1st law of attraction is like attracts like, and is one core reason why the advice of be the person you want to attract is often given.

This section of the law is the magnetic part. This is the core element of what brings things to you. Thoughts determine what is attracted though, as such it does require clarity to be effective. The less clear you are, the lower the likelihood of success.

As such, when there are issues around self love and self esteem, which essentially trigger beliefs about being or feeling undeserving, even if only on an unconscious level, then challenges arise and often people choose to believe that the law of attraction does not work. In a sense, it does not for them, though that is due to their mindset.

When your mind is completely clear on what you desire, and all obstacles, limiting beliefs especially, have been removed, things can happen very quickly regardless of the magnitude of the dream or goal. Hence why so often it is recommended to get coaching to help move on from a break up, or to help prepare for a relationship.

What is the 2nd Law of Attraction?

Toxic Positivity And Negative Thoughts Repel The Best Partners

The second law of attraction is that nature abhors a vacuum, and is one of the reasons people find it challenging to do nothing, instead seeking something to fill whatever void they are feeling.

Throughout the natural world evidence is seen about how nature abhors a vacuum. Weather systems are key examples, with low and high pressure systems being a very clear example of how nature seeks to create equilibrium where there are voids.

This is where most people feel serious challenge when it comes to relationships, as well as other areas of their lives, and the law of attraction. Many people feel a level of desperation around finding a partner when they are single.

The reticular activation system takes this keenly, and thus brings up various opportunities, some of which are more agreeable than others.

Unfortunately, rather than waiting patiently for their ideal life partner, most people hit a point of time sensitivity, and form a relationship with someone often of lower compatibility than they would really like. Essentially putting themselves in the situation of potential pitfalls including wanting to change their partner in line with their ideal, and developing a toxic relationship.

Those who are patient, sticking to their focus, and maintain positive outlook, are the ones who find success coming to them, even if it does take time.

What is the 3rd Law of Attraction?

Negative Events Can Happen During Dating So Keep A Positive Mindset

The third law of attraction is that the present is always perfect, most people rarely understand why, though a large part of this is that often other things have to happen in order for the final result to become possible.

During one golf tournament a spectator famously cried out “lucky” to South African golfer Gary Player for a shot he took. His response was ‘the harder I practice the luckier I get’. This underlies how the present is always perfect comes together. Things took practice for him, getting that good is never an overnight thing. Equally well, anyone performing any task to its peak level takes skill which only comes from practice.

Most people slip into a situation where they develop negative thoughts about their existing situation, and lack of results. That negative thinking actually serves to attract more negative events unfortunately.

This is where mental discipline is crucial.

Letting go of negative energy and unhealthy relationships, maintaining that optimistic viewpoint filled with positive thought, is what helps bring that better future into the here and now.

Even though things can seem challenging in the present moment, there are positive changes in process which are realigning things such that desired result can come into being. When you practice feeling gratitude you essentially flow further signals that you do accept that things are heading in the right direction, and that you have faith in that being the case.

What Is 5 5 Law Of Attraction?

Finding Your Perfect Partner Is Easier When Your Mind Is Aligned

The 5 5 law of attraction can be a powerful tool for manifestation. The premise being that you write down what you wish to achieve 55 times, consecutively in one sitting, each day for five days.

Essentially what this does is send extremely strong signals to your unconscious mind about what you want. That high level of focus, energy and repetition turning that desire into what Napoleon Hill described as a ‘burning desire’ in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich.’

The 5 5 law of attraction can be very potent, especially when done following, and in ongoing conjunction with, creative visualization. By building up that powerful mental picture about what you desire, then repeatedly writing about it on a daily basis, as you would with positive affirmations, you build greater and greater weight regarding your determination on a psychological level.

As with all other aspects of the law of attraction, this requires your mindset being free from limiting decisions and their associated beliefs, in order to work effectively.

What Is The Secret Of The Law Of Attraction?

Build Healthy Self Esteem To Attract People Who Value You

Having a positive mindset, free from limiting decisions and beliefs, then maintaining positive thinking even in the face of negative events, is the secret for success with the law of attraction.

The Effect Of Negative Thoughts Vs Positive Thoughts

Whatever you focus on is what you attract to yourself. When you focus on being happy, and actively do things to create happiness, then you attract happiness.

If you consistently feel negative, and that everything is bad or failing, then regardless of how much you wish to attract happiness, you will actually bring more negativity to yourself.

Negative thinking also has a toxic effect on both mental and physical health. Something which creates an additional challenge for those wishing to attract people who would be potential dates or marriage partners. The more you dwell on negative things, the more negative you become, and the mind body feedback mechanism starts reflecting your mental state physically. Another good reason for following the three laws and focusing on positive aspects of life, and becoming a more positive person.

The Power Of Positive Energy And Positive Thinking

The more you focus on positive things, the more will come to you in various forms throughout life.

Positive thinking precipitates positive changes on many levels, with a ripple effect coming as a result, which just spreads further positivity. Essentially your way of thinking, be it positive or negative, forms the initial point for an amplification feedback mechanism. The more you focus on something, the more you experience it, as you acknowledge that you focus further, and more of the same comes to you. Hence why those who create things like financial abundance, or success in any field of work or life, often create more success in an ongoing basis. It is part of that feedback mechanism which results in things like acceptance of skill, ability and feelings of deservance.

When someone feels like a million dollars, they exhibit that kind of energy on all levels, and attract back similar energy. Hence again why it is good to be the person you want to attract, because doing so brings that type of person to you.

Law Of Attraction For Beginners

Get Coaching If You Need Help Maintaining Positive Thinking It Works

When you want to start leveraging this to your advantage, whether you are wanting to attract your ideal life partner, or create success in some other way, there are some key things to do.

  • Clean up your subconscious mind
  • Start acknowledging the universal forces in action
  • Focus on positive experiences and gratitude for them
  • Pursue a delicate balance with thinking transitioning to positivity
  • Look after your well being in all ways
  • Keep a steady focus on what you desire

This is the same whether you are doing life partner searching, losing weight, building your own company, or doing anything where some measure of success is involved.

There are infinite possibilities for how things can happen, so never focus on a particular route. Instead, focus on that ideal result. While some may call this wishful thinking, and state that a plan is needed, the reality is that plans rarely work out, often adaptation is needed on the go. Plans usually only serve to limit possibilities. Keeping yourself open, depending on the situation is wise.

Naturally, for things like wanting to get a doctorate in medicine there are very clear steps in terms of study which are needed. So there are clear situations where some planning is wise. Though getting too specific can be problematic.

Things can happen in seemingly unlikely ways, when the paths are open to allowing universal influence to do its thing.

A lot of people create a vision board, using photos and other imagery, as something that creates a physical embodiment of their focus. Doing creative visualization, building mental imagery is extremely powerful. While affirmations and self talk can help people migrate away from things like scarcity mindset, and fill the empty space in their mind and thinking, benefiting their mental health while also maintaining forward pressure with positive thoughts.

These are all simple things which form a great place to start from.

Using The Law Of Attraction To Attract Your Ideal Partner

A Positive Outlook Helps You Achieve Dating Success More Easily

You are responsible for your own life, and have the ability to shape your own reality however you see fit, providing it is good and healthy for everyone. Providing you never do anything to harm another person’s life, then you can create and attract love or whatever you wish to.

Being with your ideal life partner is a holistically good thing to achieve, it brings greater happiness to everyone involved, and has a positive direct impact on the world as a whole as a result.

Get A Good Mindset Coach To Help You Develop Positive Psychology

Getting your own thoughts together, knowing exactly what you are seeking is key to attracting your ideal partner. Using coaching, providing you can afford a good mindset coach, to help you clean up, release all limiting decisions, remove old negative patterns and emotions, and help you install empowering positive psychology, is one of the best ways to prepare the ground for success.

Once your mindset is clear and clear, it is far easier to know what you really want, and what would be best for you for a long term relationship, especially when you desire a happy harmonious marriage.

Work With Self Talk And Visualization To Nurture An Ongoing Positive Outlook

Reminding yourself regularly of what you desire, and having faith that it’s on its way to you will help you bring that better future to you in a timely manner.

Doing regular visualizations, with minimal changes when you are doing them, is wise. The more you change things, the more you extend timelines and create confusion as to what you actually want.

Back this up with things like affirmations, and doing things like the 5 5 law, to reinforce what you are wanting to create, all helps make the attraction real and more successful in its working.

Expanding Routes To Success With Professional Help

Being in the right dating pool seriously helps shorten how long it takes to find your perfect life partner.

Using good matchmaking services can help put you in the right dating pool very quickly, plus shorten how long it takes to find the right marriage partner greatly. A good professional matchmaker, or a good marriage agency, can often connect people, via introductions, who never would have met unless they had help.

It is still worth having your mindset right, and your dating mindset too, prior to any introductions. Largely because mindset forms such a core part of how to choose the right life partner. While physical health and attraction are important, it is how people think and communicate that ensures they’re in a good relationship, and have healthy boundaries that ensure its a healthy relationship long term.

You can use the law of attraction for anything you want to attract into you own life. It works best when you are in a state of good mental health, so getting good mindset coaching to help you achieve that is wise. From there, when you’re wanting to attract love, opening up further routes to success through a matchmaking or marriage agency can greatly shorten the time to success.

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