How to find your soulmate? Be yourself, have your mindset optimized for success, and get in the right dating pool so you can meet the right person. That’s the core basics, of course, there’s a lot more to know, especially about creating the mindset change which makes both finding and attracting your soul mate easier. When you understand it is about how you think, and the opportunity you create to meet, you are well on the way to the success many crave.

Soulmate relationships are essentially the most sought after type of relationships. There is mystic and glamour about them, giving them high romantic appeal, and the perception of peak fulfillment in terms of love.

In that people do realistically have just one soulmate, they also come with serious challenge attached in terms of knowing how to find your soulmate.

For those willing to take on the challenge, there could well be a significant amount of personal development needed in order to make it easy, or relatively easy, to find that one true love.

For most people, even when they have done what’s needed in terms of creating positive mindset change, there still exists the need to be in the right dating pool so they can come together easily. While some are fortunate to meet randomly, it is often through professional matchmaking, and potentially after a good amount of coaching or highly driven self development, that that incredible union can happen.

Finding The Right Person Who’s Your Ideal Partner In Real Life Can Be Challenging Yet Is Totally Achievable

What Is A Soulmate?

A Soul Connection Can Bind Married Couples More Closely Together
A soulmate is a person with whom you match in a way that is totally complimentary. Essentially when two people form perfect halves of a relationship which has them both being equally fulfilled, across all their needs, then that forms a soul mate relationship.

When you dip into the spiritual side of this, which is a major component, there is a widely held belief by many that soulmates have made a pact prior to incarnation, that they will be together for a certain agreed purpose in this life.

A Soul Mate Isn’t Always An Ideal Partner In The Way People Think

Soul Level Compatibility Brings An Incredible Symbiosis For Couples

An issue which arises, out of a common misunderstanding here. Most people believe that soulmate relationships are perfect in terms of the happiness that comes, and that they will never be unhappy as a result of uniting with that one true love. The truth can be far from that.

Perfection in terms of needs fulfillment also means that needs in terms of personal development, growth, and reaching potential are met. For some people this is essentially a catalytic, or even reactionary, relationship. That is, the situation becomes very dynamic, at times this can be fun, or even exciting, at other times the growth which comes about can be uncomfortable.

As the unconscious mind works on the path of least resistance, learning life lessons is often brought about through the simplest, if least elegant or comfortable, means. That is, there can be a degree of discomfort or pain involved, as partners push each other in challenging ways.

As such, while the view of a soulmate relationship is one of pure love and bliss, the reality can approach something more like a toxic relationship, as actions and communication push a person through growth due to discomfort. The sense of self awareness often grows rapidly, along with mindset shifts in terms of what that person values in life, work, love and everything else.

While some soul mate relationships can be life long, filled with loving harmony, others can burn fast and bright as the two partners react with each other, creating growth which has them disappear in different directions craving stability and harmony after a while. The relationship is always ideal, sometimes in terms of love and happiness, sometimes in terms of growth and development, you can never know until it happens.

Whether soulmates bring each other incredible love and harmony, or massive compressed growth and development that can be edged with pain or discomfort, the long term effects are always beneficial for their life. Even if they’re only together for a short time.

How Do You Know You Have Found Your Soulmate?

Everyone Has Just One Soulmate Finding Them Takes Dedication And Faith

Essentially what happens is that people feel a compulsion to be with a particular person.

They rarely realize why this person is so compelling for them, merely that they have an overruling desire to be around, and with them. Their world begins to morph and revolve around them. The may feel an intense physical attraction, they may also wonder why they’re so interested as they do not find them physically attractive. Equally well, it can be that all their previous thoughts about what they want in their perfect life partner are completely absent, yet still they wish to be with this person.

The soulmate connection often transcends what people regard as logic.

This is one situation in which some people rationalize things by saying that opposites attract, yet the correlation is mistaken in various ways. When that is what is apparent to some, the reality is the growth potential which exists for the partners, in addition to the love potential which exists between them.

How To Know When Your Own Relationship Is With The Perfect Person

In The Right Relationship Life Goals Are Shared And Harmony Flows

Realistically you need to spend your whole life with someone before you know your relationship is with your ideal match.

Most people know very quickly when someone is wrong for them, and usually most couples know they’re right within two to three months of serious dating. Assuming they have come into the relationship with the same goal at the start. Certainly where the Omiai process used by marriage agencies who perform introduction services in Japan is concerned, that two to three month period has become well observed.

Something to consider here is what makes someone the perfect person for their partner.

While usually the perspective of love, kindness and caring comes to mind, for others it is the interaction and growth which are important. That ability to grow together, and become something greater.

For this reason, some who are in loving relationships, yet are bored, are with the wrong person. While those in what others would classify as toxic or abusive relationships, yet feel compelled to be together even though there is significant heartache involved, are with the right person, at least for that moment in time. Perceptions around belief of soul mate connectivity have been shown to greatly influence how people deal with key issues in their relationship differently.

In life, and in relationships, someone can be perfect for a short period of time, while lessons are learned. Following which they move on to find someone else who is perfect for the new person they have become. This is different from a soul mate, yet holds similar characteristics.

In terms of the long lasting relationship which characterizes a stable marriage, they generally involve like minded people, who feel like very close friends, with shared life goals and values, who share an aligned journey through life together. They also give and receive love in a way which they both comprehend and appreciate in completeness.

The psychological terminology for this deep connection states that they I-share rather than Me-share. Where Me is sustained and the perception we have of ourselves. While the I is fleeting, perceiving and reacting in any given moment in a more authentic way free from personal perceptions.

How To Find Your True Soulmate?

When You Realize You Are Soulmates The Joy Is Incredible

There are three major things which govern a person’s ability to find their soulmate:

  • Mindset
  • Self awareness
  • Law of attraction

While dating pool is important for finding an ideal partner, and especially finding the right marriage partner, it becomes less relevant for soulmates. This is because while some soulmates form that total love bond that many dream of, they can also be more akin to complete opposites who would only meet seemingly randomly due to their vastly different tastes and life choices.

Because of this variation in relationship characteristics, having an open mind, with a mindset clear of limiting decisions and limiting beliefs is essential. Additionally, high levels of self awareness are needed so that internal feedback can be worked with, i.e. you can discern when someone is a close approximation or totally compelling for you to be with even if a certain understanding of reasoning is absent.

The law of attraction is always active, regardless of whether you are consciously aware of and working with it, or not. When the mindset is completely clear of limiting decisions and limiting beliefs, with old negative emotions cleaned out, then leveraging the law of attraction becomes incredibly powerful.

Because there is potentially such great variation in terms of partner characteristics and preferences between soulmates, using the law of attraction for its ability to magnetize things becomes wise. The challenge comes with how it is applied, as usually people specify things in very acute detail. When attracting a soul mate in this way, a far more intangible set of properties have to be worked with, with incredible focus being on the fulfillment outcome and psychological understanding of being together as soulmates.

For this reason, working with a very open minded coach, who’s extremely well skilled in helping people align their mindset with the success they wish to achieve can be incredibly wise.

How To Find Your Soulmate Astrology

Astrological Matching Requires High Skill To Find True Compatibility

Astrology is very in-depth when done properly. For truly accurate readings, and information, in addition to your birthdate you need to know your location of birth, i.e. the address at which you were born, plus the exact time of your birth to the minute.

This can then be used to develop a chart, known as your natal chart, which maps out the various aspects of your life, including relationships. This essentially can be used to discern the qualities of your ideal mate through what’s in your seventh house, where Venus and mars are, your moon sign, evidence of karmic relationships, plus what your Sun sign is too. It falls short of actually telling you where to go, or where to look to find that person though. What astrology does help with is confirming likelihood of long term compatibility and how compatible a couple can be.

Insight From Astrological Master Steve Judd On Soulmate Astrology

An in-depth conversation on the subject with astrologer Steve Judd, one of around a hundred who hold an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology, and well over 40 years of experience in using astrology to help others, revealed some very key insights. As an important note, Steve is no ordinary astrologer, he is extremely good at what he does, to the point whereby numerous people in very high level positions trust his astrological advice on when to do things they are planning, plus whether certain partnerships and unions will be good. He has a long waiting list, though securing a place on it can be very worthwhile.

In Steve’s experience, firstly, you will always find that you are most compatible with the sign of the zodiac that is opposite your ascendent. Where your ascendent is the point of the sun’s orbit that is coming up on the eastern side of the horizon at the time of your birth, it’s the way you are seen in the outside world and its your external persona. The descendent which is the point of the sun’s orbit which is setting on the western side of the horizon at your time of your birth. If the ascendent is the relationship you have with yourself in the outside world, the descendent shows the area at which you get on best with others on the intimate one to one level. So, for someone with a Taurus ascendent, they will get on best with Scorpios.

Life stage is also important, with kids, building a family and physical intimacy varying in importance over the course of life. Over 40, if one person’s Saturn is on top of the other person’s sun or moon, they will have a lifetime bond. Under 40, it really helps if their Venus and mars are in compatible elements, i.e. both people’s Venus in a water or earth sign, and both people’s mars should be in a fire or air sign, due to the flow created by the energy involved.

Moon Compatibility Is A Vital Astrological Cue For Soul Compatibility
What rarely fails when checking for soulmate relationships though is the moon sign.

Moon sign is about your feelings and emotions, sensitivities, habit patterns, day to day life, routine. The moon is how you blend at the emotional level. If you have the moon in the same sign as your partner, and especially within a couple of degrees of each other, you are going to be able to dance around each other in the kitchen. It brings a natural symbiosis between the two people, where they know each other intuitively.

Moon in the same element also helps, at around 80% compatibility. When the moon is in the same sign, within a fine tolerance, then you have a soulmate.

You do have to be at the right point in your evolution when you meet though.

Steve Judd’s Top 3 Cues On Soul Connection For Couples
Astrological Factor Example Degree Of Compatibility
Shared Moon Sign Both partners have their moon in Scorpio Extremely high
Shared Moon Element Both partners have their moon in a water sign Very high
Ascendent and Descendent If one partner’s ascendent is Aries then a Libra ascendent partner Good
Who Is My Soulmate By Birthdate?

Realistically, due to the complex variation within charts, based on location as well as time of birth, narrowing compatibility down to a set birthdate is currently impossible. Even if it were possible, finding someone by date and time of birth, along with location, forms another incredibly challenging issue. Natal charts give information on what a person likes, though never exact specifics, let alone dates and times when they will be in certain places.

When you do meet someone you believe you share that soul level connection with, getting an astrological relationship reading done can be worth your while. This where a highly skilled astrologer such as Steve Judd, works with the birth information of both partners, checking for compatibility and challenges across the numerous points that can make or break a relationship. Plus, get into that 95% plus certainty about any soul type connection that exists between you.

How To Find Your Soulmate Spirituality

Your Own Relationship With Your Soul Must Be Healthy For Love To Come

Connecting with a soulmate via the purely spiritual path is a serious task to undertake.

It revolves around the same three things mentioned above:

  • Mindset
  • Self awareness
  • Law of attraction
Yet requires a huge amount of self improvement where most people are concerned.

Realistically you have to make your soulmate your single biggest focus in life, and rid yourself of things which are likely to pull you off track.

When you dip into many of the worlds spiritual traditions and paths, something which becomes noticeably repeated is how belief systems regard the interconnection between all things. This is very notable in the Japanese Shinto system. It’s something which also sees crossover with quantum physics and quantum mechanics, where energy fields interconnect and interact with what classical physics considers separate bodies.

Exploration of various books and systems, including books such as ‘Synchrodestiny: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence to Create Miracles’ by Deepak Chopra, bring out the concept of local and non-local intelligence. That is, how different bodies of consciousness connect and pass information to each other.

When you’re going down the purely spiritual path to unite with a soulmate, you have to get your mind completely aligned with the task. Develop complete belief in what you’re doing, then have complete faith in your ability to reach out on an energetic level in such a way that your soul mate reacts in such a way that the two of you can unite physically.

Where Are You Most Likely To Find Your Soulmate?

With The Right Partner You Are Like Close Friends Though Much More

Realistically, there is no single place this is likely to happen, hence why having an optimized mindset, high levels of awareness, and leveraging the law of attraction becomes so important.

Because these relationships can vary so much in terms of characteristics, you could literally meet anywhere during the course of each of your lives. For some, that person is their ideal type on a conscious level in terms of their physical look, and getting in the right dating pool brings them together. For others they just have to journey through life and stay alert to the sign of their presence.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Finding Your Soulmate

The Right Soul Relationship Between Couples Brings Incredible Harmony

With just one soulmate, there is significant work to be done if you are serious about uniting with them.

This goes beyond being around like minded people to find your potential partner, and some people spend their whole life attempting to find that single individual.

The most important matter to take care of, when you’re truly serious about your search, is cleaning up your mindset and building healthy self esteem before going on any potential dates. Clearing out limiting decisions and beliefs, along with old negative emotions, is essential for anyone wishing to maintain a positive focus on anything. This can also include creating distance from family or friends who take a negative view of your choices, often it’s best to share positive results once they’re achieved rather than an idea that others can doubt and disparage.

Optimizing Your Mindset So You Find Your Soul Mate More Easily

For most people, optimizing your mindset is a deep process of self improvement where they have to work hard to come to terms and clean up old feelings and hurt. Alongside this, building of self respect, along with respect of others is crucial.

Talking with a therapist can help with some processing, though it falls short of the development needed. Getting deeply into meditation is good, with Zen, mindfulness and Vipassana all being useful for this. Though meditation on it’s own is a slow and gradual path, especially for most people.

Greater support, talking with a good coach who can act as a catalyst and drive deep development, can greatly speed things up. Coaching, when done properly, can turn something from a vague concept or idea, into a workable path that brings success, it does require the right coach for the person involved though. That coach and coachee relationship is symbiotic, with their ability to communicate and interact together from the sense to the core of the matter, being needed so that the right answer can come easily.

With the right coach there’s a feeling which develops when you begin communicating with them, that they are the one, much as that type of feeling comes within romantic relationships too.

Love That Comes From Connected Souls Can Be Hugely Rewarding

Aligning With The Right Dating Partner For A Soulmate Connection

When your mindset is properly aligned to find and connect with your soulmate, it then becomes about what action you take to find them.

Online dating using apps can work, though is generally polluted with the type of potential partner who your instincts would be to avoid.

For online dating success to come, you need good knowledge and understanding of your preferences and the interests you believe would bring you both together. The expectation being that from that first date, this person will be a very good friend instantly. From there, an almost compulsive nature with your dating, with friendship deepening further and further, through to the point where you decide to get married. This person should be recognizable as the center of your world from the moment you meet, with background support there to help you progress everything smoothly.

As soulmates you form two aspects together, essentially two halves of a single entity, coming together to form perfect completeness. For some, the big stuff ceases to be challenging when they’re together, they just take everything in their stride. For others, everything becomes big as part of their purpose is to bring growth within each other. The only way to know, is to be in that relationship. Soulmates can have very different unions from the romantic imagery often used, though it can be that beautiful. You will only ever know the answer once you have found your soulmate.

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