Dating pool is something rarely given the due thought it should be when people want to attract their ideal partner. That said, it is one of the most critical things, alongside mindset, in terms of actually finding the right partner to enjoy a harmonious relationship with, especially when you want to find them in a timely manner.

While a lot of thought is given to the dateable age range, and what dating prospects are available in a person’s local area, most people rarely consider how changes in focus, or how changing their available dating pool can actually bring them better results from their partner searching and dating activities.

Finding your ideal marriage partner, or your perfect life partner, can be exceptionally challenging.

Success does largely depend on mindset, of which self love and self esteem are a crucial part. Though when you want a certain type of person, and there few around, or you are failing to meet anyone of the type you are seeking, then likely you need to change or expand your dating pool, provided you want to achieve success with your love life that is.

Finding The Right Potential Partners Is Totally Dependent On Mindset And Dating Pool

What Does Dating Pool Mean?

By definition, dating pool means the available group of potential partners for dating. It is possible to move from one dating pool to another, and people frequently do so through use of matchmaking services, dating apps, or just changing locations they go to socially.

If you are only going to local bars and staying in your local area socially, then the people who go to those bars are the main ones forming your dating pool.

When you begin using dating apps or dating sites, then your dating pool expands to the users of those sites.

What Is The Meaning Of Dating?

In short, the meaning of dating is spending time building a relationship with someone viewed as a potential life or marriage partner.

Dating culture can vary greatly by country, societal norms and demographic breakdowns. In many cultures it is incredibly uncommon, even dimly viewed, for a man and a woman to have sex before marriage.

However in many western countries it is almost expected that couples will sleep together very early on their relationship. For some demographics couples will sleep together when they have just met, and before they have agreed to continue seeing each other. This rarely yields good results long term, and can quite often result in trouble in the short term to the point of creating disillusionment, loss of hope, and those involved becoming very sad due to lack of fulfillment in spite of time and energy infused.

When dating to marriage is the intention, cultures with more traditional views on relationships, such as only having sex after getting married, tend to produce stronger more viable relationships.

There is never really any wrong approach, or right thing, to dating, though there are ways that tend to produce better effects for those wanting a harmonious long term relationship.

Is The Dating Pool Smaller In Your 30s?

The dating pool is generally larger, overall, for those in their 20s than it is for those in their 30s, in almost every country.

U.S. census bureau numbers show that for 2022 there is a sharp jump in the percentage of people who are married, and together, in their 30s versus those in their 20s. With the number gradually tailing off after the 65 to 74 age group as one partner becomes widowed. With the divorce rate rising steadily from the 35 to 44 age group, the bell curve peaking at 55 to 64, then tailing off.

Age Group (years) Married spouse present (%) Married spouse absent (%) Widowed (%) Divorced (%) Separated (%) Never married (%)
15-24 4.3 0.8 0 0 0.5 93.9
25-34 38.4 1.5 0 3.3 1.5 55.0
35-44 60.2 1.6 0.8 8.9 2.6 25.9
45-54 62.9 1.9 1.8 14.1 2.6 16.7
55-64 61.4 1.6 4.9 16.7 2.3 13.2
65-74 61.7 1.3 12.2 15.2 1.4 8.1
75+ 48.6 1.3 34.7 10.4 0.7 4.3
First Chart Showing US Marriage Rate And Bell Curve For Divorce Rate
Second Graph Title Text Median Age At First Marriage 1890 To Present
The U.S. census bureau numbers also indicate the median first marriage age was 30 for men and 28 for women in 2022. In 1901 the stated median first marriage age for men was 26 for men and 22 for women, steadily dropping to 23 for men and 20 for women in 1958, before steadily rising to the higher ages given in 2022.

So yes, the dating pool is smaller in your 30s, mostly because a lot of people choose to get married in their 20s, or very early 30s, and start a family while they are younger.

How Do I Get Back Into The Dating Pool?

How you get back in the dating pool can depend on age, and what you are seeking in terms of dating prospects and potential partners.

While many in their 20s spend weekends going to bars and partying, fewer and fewer do so in their 30s, 40s and beyond middle age. Many switch to different activities, golf being a big one for a lot of people in business, though golf clubs are rarely good places to find a partner. Partly due to expected behavior, though also due to the limited number of members and that many are often in relationships.

While many go through dating apps in their 20s, few wish to expose themselves to the nightmarish behavior and dishonesty that comes with many apps as they mature.

What is generally more suitable for older singles, and for those of younger ages who are very focused and mature in their thinking, matchmaking forms a very good option. With many good matchmaking services providing well managed introduction services for their clients, and helping to ensure they only meet potential partners that they believe they have good compatibility with.

Another option for getting back into the dating pool, for those seeking a marriage partner, is use of a good marriage agency. Those who join marriage agencies are usually very carefully vetted, with their marital status being properly verified before registration.

Other options include the usage of international matchmakers, or even Japanese marriage agencies with Omiai services for introductions, when partners of a certain type are desired.

What Is The Age Creepiness Rule?

The age creepiness rule is what was coined as the Standard Creepiness Rule by web comic XKCD in 2007, they created that name from the rule of “half your age plus seven” which became well known in the 1900s. That rule is widely credited as coming from French author Max O’Rell (a.k.a. Léon Paul Blouet) where he wrote in his 1901 love manual that “the ideal age of a bride as half the groom’s age plus seven years.

Over time the original rule has been altered to:

  • The youngest you should date being – half your age plus seven
  • The oldest you should date being – subtract seven from your age and double it
These are very rough, and there is zero scientific or rational reasoning to them, except for societal convention. What is most important is the mindset of the two people involved, and their compatibility over all the levels which determine a healthy relationship.

Provided that their is sufficient compatibility to create and maintain a good relationship, then age is realistically irrelevant.

Dating Pool Online

Figure Out The Right Dating Pool Early So You Can Act On It To Find Love
Getting into a labeled dating pool online may or may not be a good thing for you. It very much depends on your mindset, along with how focused and committed you are to your ideal for a partner.

The dating pool online has a degree of challenge with it, various people pretending to be something they are not, seeking things which have zero place where most are searching for love.

Plus, as people drift into and out of relationships, without properly moving on after a break up, or failing to properly prepare for a relationship, most end up with various mental health issues that tend to result in the establishment of an abusive toxic relationship.

When you are considering the use of a labeled dating pool online, such as international or Japanese dating for example, then it’s worth doing your due diligence with a full analysis of available data on your options, and ensuring you register with a reputable organization which really can help you find true love. Realistically, you should talk with potential agencies, and build up a good understanding of them while you are talking during your consultation.

Getting Into The Right Dating Pool For You

Every Human Is Searches For The Right Man Or Woman To Love
Finding someone you truly desire, of the right age range, who you are genuinely interested in, find attractive, and truly respect, can be challenging. Especially when you are in a limited dating pool.

There are various things which define attractiveness when partner searching, with one core piece of advice for anyone seeking help on how to choose a life partner being to be the person you want to attract.

When you are seeking someone you can have children with, it is easier to find that person when you’re young. When you desire a partner who’s educated, things become more rarified, as fewer people go into higher education, with fewer still doing post graduate studies.

Another trend which has grown steadily over time is seeking a non smoking partner, more and more there are health concerns related to smoking. Many people refuse to date smokers as they have a greater interest in well being and being able to raise a healthy family. Something which becomes a challenge for those who do smoke, and greatly diminishes their available dating pool, even internationally, unless they give up smoking.

Taking The Guess Work Out Of Dating By Consciously Changing Your Dating Pool

It is the job of professional matchmakers to find people the right partner.

For those who wish to marry, the best option is joining a good marriage agency.

While in younger years, friends can help with introductions to potential mates, as people move towards middle age fewer potentials are around, and options for meeting them essentially form the probability line on a decreasing graph.

For anyone expecting to meet their ideal match easily, getting professional help becomes an increasingly wise option to take.

Whether young, middle age, or older, meeting the right dating prospects can be a significant challenge. Most people have a distinct idea of their ideal match, yet often find their available dating pool to be lacking anyone suitable. Working with professionals who can expand your dating pool, and zone in on those right matches in a timely manner is incredibly wise, as it brings unity and true love into your life much faster. Giving more time for the happy harmony that’s desired.

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