Be the person you want to attract, it is the best way to ensure you are with the right partner for life. That said, you should only ever be yourself. So while changing yourself to attract someone truly incredible can seem good, you have to ensure you are happy being that person, long term.

Finding your ideal mate can be a serious challenge, especially if your ideal mate is very different in comparison to who you are as a person. People gravitate to those aligned with their own values and beliefs, few ever realize it though as it is an unconscious process in constant flow at the back of your mindset.

When your ideal partner is very different to who you are, then one of the best ways forward is to change yourself in line with that person. Making yourself more attractive to them. At times that can be shifting clothing choices, more often it’s about changing your mindset so that you have similar thought processes and values. While this will impact dating mindset, the changes are at a more core level.

From the time you start making changes in line with the way you wish to be, and life you wish to have, your opportunity for attracting that type of partner you desire expands.

This does involve altering your mentality, the value in terms of your capacity to be satisfied with life and true love, is huge though.

Building Your Self Confidence And Developing The Same Traits Are Key Points That Help You Be The Person You Want To Attract

Can You Really Attract A Specific Person?

Leverage The Law Of Attraction To Bring Your Perfect Partner To You
Attracting a specific person is indeed possible. There are a myriad of factors involved for it to be possible though. Plus you need to know that person, their mindset, and their preferences, in great depth.

Often, this involves creating a huge amount of life changes, and mindset change, depending on how close you are to that person’s preferences.

What is far easier, is finding someone who is a specific type of person, i.e. all the traits, characteristics and looks, without having the name of a specific person you want to attract.

When you are fixed on a specific person, be sure as to how much you are going to be happy changing who you are, for the long term, in order to be with them. When it is only subtle changes, it can be fairly easy. When you have to make major changes, altering your world view, politics, work ethics, and so much more, it can become challenging over time. Plus the greater the life change on your part, the more friends and family are likely to question what you’re doing, unless you can justify it incredibly well, and they are seeing positive results.

Even if you do succeed in attracting the right person, having made all those changes, there can be times in the future when you question those changes. It is far from uncommon for people in relationships to question who they’ve become, and realize they have lost sight of themselves, and that they’ve become very unhappy as a result.

So while it is possible to do, be very sure of your motivations, and your ability to be happy with yourself long term too. Otherwise you could end up in a very toxic relationship of your own making.

How The Same Traits Create Magnetism And Attraction

Attraction is an unconscious thing that happens deep within your mindset, with an emotional response coming as a result of a specific weighting being achieved for the perfect partner checklist you keep there.

When you want to attract a specific person, you have to understand what their attraction checklist is comprised of. There will be visual aspects, emotional points, plus the intellectual side of things too.

Getting someone’s attraction checklist is incredibly challenging, for one, they will rarely know it consciously themselves. They will have an understanding of parts of it, though rarely the whole thing due to the complexity involved. Even when they do know elements, there can be sections which they’re unaware of which take higher precedence.

As such, you could become who they consciously think they want, only for them to find someone else whose type they never considered, yet actually find more attractive overall.

Hence again why you need to be sure of any life changes you are making, and how happy you are about them, and whether you would be happy to become that way even if the idea of that future love never works out. Provided you would be happy to be that person, then make the change, without concern of whether the love interest is going to be involved or not.

Working The Law Of Attraction
When you are certain you are happy to make changes you can feel good about making them.

This in turn helps you in terms of the law of attraction.

The law of attraction can work in incredibly specific ways, though often people apply it in such a way as to allow scope for fulfillment. In the case of using it to attract the right romantic relationship, most people would fall short of having a specific name, instead going with the attributes and characteristics they wish for in terms of their ideal life partner.

It is possible to use the law of attraction with a specific person, though ethically questions should be asked. Specifically, whether that person is single, and would they actually enjoy a relationship with you? Provided the answer is yes on both points, then working to attract that specific person should be OK.

In such cases, a very high level of focus, with regular reinforcement is wise. Plus naturally, ensuring your own personality would be a good match for that person, and that you are attractive to them in all the ways they find important, while you also being happy to sustain that for the rest of your life.

Provided that’s all good, it is wise to spend time on a regular, ideally daily basis, gong through visualization meditations, visualizing yourself enjoying that relationship you desire.

There are are short cuts in terms of timing, with mindset coaching using neuro linguistic programming and Time-Line Therapy providing effective routes to shortening the process involved.

How Do You Discover The Person You Want To Be?

Practice Meditation Get Coaching To Be The Person You Want To Attract
Discovering the person you want to be often comes as a result of life events, and interactions with others.

Most people stay in a kind of bubble for most of their lives, rarely experiencing anything outside of a very limited radius. It is through encountering different things, experiences, opinions, adversity, that most people come to points of realization, personal growth, and decide to make changes to their lives.

Understanding tends to be static, until it is brought into question, with alternate views and different evidence providing a point around which a pivot can be created, and change brought about.

Building Self Awareness And Learning About Yourself

While there may be nothing wrong with how you are, the way you see the world, and hear feedback from others could be cause to bring about changes if you wish to achieve certain results.

As an example, when you are getting feedback about others being unattracted to you when you ask them out, then understanding why they think so, and adapting, could prove beneficial. Depending on how soon you wish to settle down that is. When you are content to wait as long as needed, then fine. If you have a more time limited period in mind, then change would be wise.

Mindfulness meditation, observing different events from your life through third person perspective, can bring a lot of understanding and learning. Expanding your awareness of self in a very good way. Mindfulness does take practice though. Being able to view everything, free from judgement, and without blocking anything off that you may find upsetting or unattractive, is a challenge for many.

Getting honest feedback from friends and family can be good too, provided they’re free from judgement, and can remain purely factual. If they begin to soften things or create justifications for you, then the value becomes lost.

Perhaps the best example of how your world can be shifted in a short period of time, with deep insight, is through personal coaching. Digging into your life in depth, everything in your world that has held you back, moment by moment throughout your life, can enable everything you’re hoping to achieve, to suddenly take on different dimensions. Coaching can be an incredible force for change and insight, digging through the past and present with incredible energy, helping you achieve what you both deserve and desire.

Whatever your circumstances or past story. Whatever you desire in terms of feelings and a relationship with your ideal partner. Mindfulness and high quality professional coaching, especially mindset coaching, are most often the best route to achieving those dreams.

How Do You Be The Person I Want To Attract?

Increased Self Awareness Helps You Attract You Ideal Relationship
While the phrase “opposites attract” holds a degree of weight, its true nature comes from the opposites being complimentary. People who are radically different, with opposing views on life, religion, politics, fidelity, love life behavior, are rarely able to spend quality time together. They can for a short time, though as relationships grow deeper they realize that they are destined to aggravate and get on each other’s nerves more and more over time.

Successful, healthy relationships, form because of mutually shared values, and a mentality which has healthy boundaries that both partners find logical and beyond question.

This all comes from the core outwards.

In order to achieve anything in life, you need to be the thing you want, in order to achieve it.

As an example, it is almost impossible to pass a Japanese language exam if you’ve never studied Japanese. You have to study first. You have to become that thing, that person, so the result can come to you.

With business, you have to develop certain abilities, let go of old ways of thinking, and forge a mindset of success, so that you can create a successful business. This rarely happens over night, even if the results often appear that way to others.

To achieve any particular result in life, work must go in first which enables the result to follow in a natural way.

For relationships, starting with your own thoughts about yourself, clearing out limiting beliefs, working on issues around self love, are key to being able to find love in the way you wish to have it, with whom you wish to enjoy it.

Creating Healthy Self Confidence And Self Love

Everything that marks who you are in life, and the results that you achieve, good or bad, comes from your mindset. With core values and beliefs having the most sway and leverage over the results you experience.

Most people expect their dreams to come true with a degree of ease.

When people have a positive mindset which is clean, free from limitations, then those dreams do become reality with ease.

Self confidence and self love are core to how good relationships are. When people undervalue themselves, they attract partners who perceive little value in them too.

So when you want to attract someone who will value you, you have to sort out issues of self worth. Building self love is vital for both current and future love relationships.

Overcoming Issues From Your Parents Relationship
For a lot of people, it is their parents relationship which has the greatest impact on their ability to sustain a healthy relationship.

Studies have shown that warm yet firm authoritative parenting yields healthy development. While Authoritarian parenting brings rebellion, and high levels of aggression. Permissive parenting brings children who do not listen to orders, often causing them to become alienated.

Uninvolved and neglectful parenting bring about behavior that is impulsive, with them not caring about anything, or listening to anyone. Which is ripe for dysfunctional relationships.

Granted, some people do overcome these things. Though usually only after they have some kind of wake up call about how their behavior is affecting their life, and they then choose to do something about it. Often by getting coaching to help let go, or by going and talking to a therapist.

Considering your parents relationship and how it has affected you is very wise when you want to attract your ideal life partner, and enjoy a life long relationship which is harmonious.

Being A Positive Person

When you want a life filled with joy, you have to be able to perceive that joy in the first place.

When someone has a negative mindset, they tend to perceive negativity within the world. Of course, when you are watching the news and seeing ‘bad things’ happen, there is an element of reality involved and accepting things as they are. Negative mindsets are more to do with expecting bad things to happen to themselves.

The attitude you have has a major impact on those around you.

When you constantly expect bad things to happen to you, people start gravitating away, unless they also expect bad things to happen to themselves and feel some level of comradery as a result.

For most people seeking a healthy relationship, they want to attract good things in their life. As a result, having a positive mindset, will cause that type of quality connection which fosters love, to be built. So putting in the energy and taking action to become a positive person, is very wise.

How Do You Become The Person You Want To Be?

Hear What You Mindset Tells You And Let Go Of The Past For Future Love
When you accept that you need to be the person you want to attract, you have to then spend time making changes in your life, mostly mindset change, in order to become the right person for the desired results to be attracted.

All the things you want in, and from, life, are completely possible.

Getting them does revolve around letting go of all the reasons you do not have them.

A shift in focus is required, moving away from the wrong mindset and placing causes outside of yourself, to seizing the moment and accepting complete responsibility for everything in your life. Both good and bad, you are responsible.

Once you accept that responsibility, and agree the most important matter that exists is changing yourself, such that the results you do want can flow to you, it then becomes about what the best avenues of change are for you.

Of All The Things You Can Change The Most Important Is Your Mindset

When you have a lot of time, are in little rush, and would benefit from increased levels of calm, then meditation is a powerful focus to take on.

Meditation can bring benefit in a number of ways, plus it can also bring change and results in different ways, through use of different meditation techniques.

While the most common image of meditation is that of the Rinzai Zen style of emptying your mind, there are a great many other options. Emptying your mind can indeed be good for release, and bringing greater calm. Mindfulness meditation can also bring calm, while also enabling a detachment that allows for mindset change when patterns are noticed while meditating. Thus creating changes in thought patterns that bring more of the results that you do desire.

Visualization meditation is incredibly powerful when you want to find love and attract your ideal partner. Essentially you go into great detail, building out the visualization with everything that’s important to you. This sends strong signals that your unconscious mind can work with, signals which leverage the law of attraction in your favor in a better way than most people ever do. This does require significant focus to do well, and yields the greatest benefit when you’re free of limiting beliefs and decisions. You have to get your mindset properly aligned, with any blockages cleared, so that results can flow with ease.

Cleaning your mindset out of limitation requires serious focus, and great effort too. Especially when you’re doing it on your own. You can read many books on the subject, build up a wealth of knowledge. The truth of the matter is that it requires serious training to create a clean and efficient mindset which will bring the results you desire. The best way to get that is through coaching.

Actually having an experienced mindset specialist, who knows your focus and can guide you into creating the changes which will bring the results you truly desire. Working with a good coach is also the fastest way to get this done. Hence why it is recommended for anyone wanting to prepare for a relationship, and for when people need help moving on after a break up. Coaching provides incredible value, even if it requires a significant investment to work with a good coach.

Getting Help Finding That Right Partner For Life

What ever your circumstances, you deserve that right partner. One with whom you can enjoy mutual respect on a daily basis, and build a loving story with as your lives join together. Someone who will be that good friend you turn to, the focus of your world, as you lead each other on to greater happiness as stronger and stronger love develops.

When you have a specific person you want to attract, then changes have to be specific to attract them. With a degree of patience needed as you create situations where their feelings towards you can build positively.

When you are seeking a specific type, rather than an actual person, then getting help in the form of professional matchmaking, or with a good marriage agency, is likely going to be of significant benefit to you.

Whatever your desires, whatever you seek or imagine in terms of a partner, provided you can be the person you want to attract, in terms of style and personality, then you can attract them. Getting professional help does make it easier, especially as doing so puts you in the right dating pool to begin with.

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