Video dating has become incredibly common. With more and more international couples, or those seeking a life partner from overseas, plus domestic situations with pandemics and lockdown. Video dating is something that many have come to realize gives them opportunity to still enjoy time with a partner, or even meet a new partner for a first date, even from afar.

As an international marriage agency, working across countries including Japan, the US, the UK, Australia and Canada, we have helped a lot of people to meet and begin long distance relationships. Much of this is thanks to opportunity provided by video dating, along with how we introduce couples.

Over the time we have been organizing video dating introductions, there are some common points we’ve noted which really help people enjoy successful first dates, and subsequent dates, when doing video dating. What follows are the five top tips for video dating success.

Video Dating The 5 Top Tips For A Successful Video Date

Do note that these video dating tips are both technical and personal. That is, they’re tips about equipment, locations and behavior. So they are all encompassing. They apply to both first dates and subsequent dates, though you may find additional advice on first date tips useful so you feel better prepared.

So, what are the five top tips for video dating success?

Once you see and feel all of these video dating tips in action you will understand how much of a difference they make. Considering them in advance, and taking action to support success with your video dating pays off in a wonderful way. Regardless of whether you are caught in a pandemic, doing international dating, or have another reason for video dating, these video dating tips and advice will really help.

Good Sound Quality Is Crucial For Video Dating Success

Sound quality is one of the most important things when it comes to video dating.

Think about any movie or TV show you watch. When the sound quality is poor, do you want to keep watching?

It’s the same with video dating. If you are experiencing poor sound quality then your enjoyment of the date drops off in a big way. Poor sound quality can have people wanting to close off their date early and do something to relax instead, regardless of how much they wanted to enjoy time with the other person.

Ensuring good sound quality during video dating is relatively easy too.

Having a decent headset can be a big help. Most mobile devices and laptops now have the option to connect with either wired or wireless headsets for calling. If you are using a bluetooth headset ensure it is well charged before your video date starts, and that you have set it up properly. Though there is far more to this.

In some locations you can sound like you’re in a swimming pool. This can be due to microphone quality, echo, and various other things. Most of the time having a decent headset will correct this issue. Though taking time to consider your location in terms of both background and sound quality is worthwhile. If possible do a test call with a friend before you video date. If you’re shy about saying your getting ready for a video date, then don’t mention you are doing video dating, just call them for a quick chat and make sure they can hear you OK.

If you are using a desktop PC with speakers, check your microphone and speakers before your video date. Feedback and interference really detract from your date’s experience of video dating.

Ensuring good sound quality means you can talk easily, freely and with relaxation.

Having good sound quality when video dating means you can build better rapport, thus build a stronger more successful relationship with your partner.

So checking sound settings, using good sound equipment, microphone, headset, speakers, etc. will really help you get the best from video dating.

Video Dating Success Is Greatly Helped By A Stable Camera

Video dating is far more enjoyable when the image of your partner is stable.

If you’re using a mobile device which you hold in your hand, it can shake and wobble a lot. With smartphones even what seems like a small wobble to you, can translate into a jerky movement on your partner’s screen.

Having a tripod, or a flexiholder for mobile devices makes things easier and more enjoyable for both you and your partner when doing video dating. Holding anything, including a mobile device for long periods of time gets uncomfortable. So when you have something stable that can hold your device during video dating will help you relax and feel better, thus you will enjoy yourself more and interact better with your partner.

When your partner can see a stable image of you, even if you move about in your seat a bit, they will be more relaxed and enjoy their video date with you more. Plus, with you being more relaxed as something is holding your device, they will feel more at ease as you are more relaxed too. Thus helping you get the best effect from your video dating.

If you have little desire to buy a tripod or flexiholder, then use some books, or other things and create a stand which will be stable. It’s pretty easy to do and just that little bit of effort will produce worthwhile results in terms of helping ensure a successful video date.

For laptops and desktops this is very easy to ensure. Laptops can be placed on a stable surface at a good height, then left in place for comfort during your video date. While desktop computers and their mounted webcams are static, thus giving perhaps the best solution. Plus, with a laptop or desktop you have a good sized screen, meaning the image of your partner is closer to life size, which impacts on an unconscious level to increase rapport and enjoyment of your video dating.

Having a stable camera stops camera shake, which massively increases enjoyment and thus rapport when doing video dating.

So taking time to ensure your camera will be stable is really worthwhile, when you want to achieve relationship success with your video dating.

Consider Your Location And Background Carefully When Video Dating

Video Dating Have Good Background

Location and background have a real impact on how successful video dating is.

Most people want to be somewhere nice when they’re out on a date. Video dating is much the same, while they want to see you and spend time with you, they have little desire to have a chaotic or unpleasant background behind you.

Being somewhere calm and relaxing is good. If you have a nice sofa, or couch, against a wall which is in good condition that is likely a good place for a video date. Provided you have good signal strength if using a mobile device.

Having boxes or other clutter behind you while video dating is unlikely to bring good results. Much as we want people to judge us for who we are as people, they will wrap up your chosen surroundings in their view of you as a person. Hence why considering location and background is important when doing video dating.

If you’re doing video dating from home be prepared for someone to consider what conditions you live, more importantly, whether they wish to life in those same conditions. Most people date for a while before having their partner visit their home. Thus they get to know each other as people first, building up rapport. When partners then visit each others homes they’re more easy going, knowing this person is great and that their future together could be good.

By jumping straight in from home when video dating it’s wise to ensure you pick that best place in your home.

You would tidy up before having visitors round, so tidy up before your video date. Get everything looking nice. Much as no-one wishes to be judged, potential partners will judge you based on their ideal future vision. So when video dating make sure you’re presenting that best image possible. Doing so will add points in your favor.

When video dating ensure your background reflects that future dream of life you wish to share with your partner. Let your background enhance your appeal when video dating, helping you build more rapport rather than creating an obstacle that must be overcome.

De-clutter, tidy, clean and present your best image when you’re doing video dating, it will help enhance your relationship.

Video Dating Is More Successful When You Have Good Facial Lighting

Facial lighting is something few consider before they start video dating. So many end up with dark shadows on their faces, or can hardly be seen even if their background is well lit.

As with background careful lighting is important, when your partner finds seeing you properly challenging then rapport decreases. Thus placing further challenge on your budding relationship.

When you can be clearly seen, then you build rapport more easily with your partner.

There are many simple solutions you can use in terms of lighting when video dating. There are LED flat panel lights available reasonably cheaply from various places, these can be adjusted in terms of brightness and color. While pointing a lamp directly at your face during video dating will make seeing you easy, it can be rather harsh both on your eyes as well as the bright white of most lamps. Most LED flat panel lights can be softened, with adjustment between white, or warmer yellow tones, helping you create more natural daylight type lighting.

Video dating does bring some challenge in terms of picture and lighting. Human eyes compensate and adapt to diverse lighting conditions with ease. Even in contrasting light, human eyes can compensate so we can see people or things easily. Video cameras are far less adaptive than human eyes. Video cameras, depending on whether light adaptation is manual or automatic, will adjust their lighting from a certain area then hold that setting for their entire picture.

Hence why many end up with dark shadows and darkness during video dating. Webcams and cameras on mobile devices pick up on brighter objects in their frame, adjusting automatically so those bright objects aren’t causing white out. Thus making everything else appear darker.

If adjustable LED flat panel lights seem too much for you, then using simple paper filters over lamps directed at your face during video dating can help. You can hold an A4 sheet of paper in place with tape, creating a more diffuse, less intense light. Which helps illuminate your face, while being easier on your eyes. Helping you relax more for your video date.

Getting lighting right for video dating can seem challenging, it can be done relatively easily and is worthwhile though. Because having good lighting when video dating helps you build better rapport, thus building your relationship with greater ease.

Confidence And Etiquette Advice For Successful Video Dating

Commonly two things happen when people first start video dating.

  • People either get very nervous because of their surroundings and being in front of a camera when first video dating.
  • People relax too much when video dating because they’re at home where they behave differently.

When video dating focus on actually being on a date.

Whether in front of a camera, or in-person, your behavior should always be at its best. That way you can build that best image of who you are. Your behavior sets your personal appeal for your partner.

Video Dating Best Behavior Give The Best Impression

When people come across as lazy during video dating, or dating of any kind, then most partners opt in favor of finding someone else. Being on good behavior is crucial for dating success, so consider very carefully what your behavior is like when you’re doing video dating.

How you dress is important too. When going out on a date most people dress to impress.

So when video dating follow that same thought, dress to impress. You may be having your video date from home, though why have less appeal than putting in a little more effort and impressing your date? Those extra things done when video dating, or any dating, help you build your relationship more effectively. So do them.

Whilst not etiquette or behavior, adding candles that can be seen by your partner will enhance atmosphere. Assuming your partner likes candles, and you can have them there safely. Something small, though potentially more points in your favor.

Good posture is however behavior and etiquette. By having good posture while video dating your partner will see you making extra effort for them. Plus that you take care of yourself, thus are more likely to be a good partner.

Simple things with your behavior and etiquette during video dating may seem like extra effort, though by giving that best impression they help you build your relationship well.

So consider your etiquette and behavior carefully when video dating, be at your best, it will do you favors.

Video Dating Can Be Easy It Also Offers An Incredible Way To Help Build Your Relationship

With rising number of international relationships, restrictions on travel and meeting due to health risks, or just living in different parts of the same country, video dating offers an incredible way of building your relationship with your potential life partner.

Going that extra mile with your dating activity, ensuring that video dates are the best experience possible for both you and your potential life partner, is worth it. Quality results always are.

The Top 5 Tips For Video Dating Success

  • Good Sound Quality Is Crucial For Video Dating Success
  • Video Dating Success Is Greatly Helped By A Stable Camera
  • Consider Your Location And Background Carefully When Video Dating
  • Video Dating Is More Successful When You Have Good Facial Lighting
  • Confidence And Etiquette Advice For Successful Video Dating

So follow these tips for successful video dating, they will make knowing your partner deeply easier. Thus you can gain all that information needed as outlined in the article on how to choose a life partner, so you can decide more easily on whether your partner is right for marriage.

So for great video dating, make sure you have good sound quality, that your device or camera is stable, your background looks nice, your face is well lit, and that you are giving the best impression possible. Do these five things and you’ll be set for a great video dating experience that helps you find the right partner for marriage with greater ease.

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